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Little known way to remove bad breath

A malodorous mouth can NEVER be completely cleaned by brushing and flossing alone. Even if you use the most expensive mouthwash and toothpaste available in the market, BAD BREATH (halitosis) can’t be completely eradicated by these common methods alone.

bad body odor

If you have bad breath, try to use tongue scraper if helps

Sometimes the flavored and sugary mints can only temporarily mask the stingy problem. What’s more, the alcohol in most mouthwashes can only do more harm than good to your body.

I personally prefer to use the most complicated and state of the art gadget for my everyday oral hygiene. It’s called tongue scraper. Heard of it? It’s so simple a device made of plastic or lightweight material that will serve as a manual cleaner of the major organ than houses most of the oral bacteria.

After doing your usual brushing, scrape the top and sides of the tongue, avoiding the underside. Try to remove the white, gooey substance that sticks to the tongue. Most likely, these are the odor causing bacteria that causes the stingy smell out of your mouth.

Some doctors will also recommend digestive enzymes as poor digestion can also cause the severe bad breath since poorly digested food can spoil inside your intestine.

There are also some herbs like ginger, coriander and fennel. These herbs are mostly available in gelatin form. Take one capsule every after meal with a little water. Never mind if you smell of ginger and herbs, as most people would rather smell organic stuff than industrial toxic waste like odor.

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Here is simple way to vanquish bad body odor

bad body odor

If you have bad body odor can, be sure to find out what cause the problem.

Our bodies have its own sewage system. The intestine does the job of digesting our food and making sure our system absorbs thee nutrients from these food.

Because of this crucial function, the digestive system, must be the very smelly part of our entire anatomy. And with this fact, our bodies are emitting a very unlikely odor.

This is a major turn off problem for most of us. What we can do is to detoxify ourselves to get rid of the wastes that has been clogged up from the intestines.

How? Let me give you the ways. First, make sure you eat fiber rich food. Everybody knows it promotes elimination of wastes, thereby acting as our internal cleaners. There are foods that we must avoid if we unfortunately have smelly body odors.

Do away with red meats, dairy products, fish, poultry. Let’s load ourselves more on fruits and vegetables, green tea, herbal tea, whole grain rice. I call this detoxification diet.

Meaning, we don’t intake too much of the stuff that causes internal calorie burning, leaving lots of residue inside which thereby spoils and causes us to stink. Another interesting way is to take chlorophyll.

Yes, this is the green pigment from plants and is surprisingly available in bottles! Instead of loading yourself with the alcohol stuff with some beer and wine, this time, drink the green stuff.

Will do you more good in preventing the stink. Take a teaspoon of the green chlorophyll and take it two to three times a day. Also, eat more fresh, chlorophyll-rich leafy greens such as spinach, chard and kale. Another interesting way is to take more of the good bacteria.

Yes, the probiotics supplement. This contains more of the friendly bacteria that help maintain the health of the intestines.  I would suggest you to try the best probiotics supplements in the market from Atomy that I have ever tried. Lastly, always think of the good stuff. Think positive thoughts and be happy. You will surely emit a powerful, happy and stink free outlook in life.

Atomy Probiotics

Atomy Probiotics

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The secret ways to soothe bruise

Minor bruise on the skin

Minor bruise on the skin

Here is a quick and easy ways to soothe the bruise. When we have an injury to the skin, a shade of purple and blue will usually appear on that area. It’s called a bruise-a sign of injury under our skin wherein there are broken blood vessel usually from a bump, a fall or a blow.

There are other causes of bruising though and if it’s something that has occurred without some physical injury, get help from a physician because it may be pathological in nature.

But for everyday bruising, there are a lot of alternative natural remedies that will surely keep away those nasty bruises. You can get arnica cream from any CVS Pharmacy. It’s fabulous for bruises with intact skin but never use it with broken skin since its harmful when taken internally.

A few times a day, spread arnica cream to the affected area and it will magically take the pain away, and will stop the bruise from forming.

Bromelain has also been known to be a good remedy for bruising. It will digest fibrin which is a by product of a bruise that usually cause swelling and inflammation.

This protein digesting enzyme is found in pineapples. But sadly though, eating a lot of pineapple won’t remove the bruises. Instead, try to look for bromelain supplements.

Take 250 to 500 milligrams in tablet or capsule form between meals until the bruising and inflammation subsides. Another traditional relief for bruises is the cold and hot water towel trick.

Wring out a towel in a hot water, not too much heat to produce more injury, Just enough warmth. Put on the injured area for 3 minutes. Next put the cold towel over the same for 30 seconds.

The warm water will bring blood to the area and the cold water will take it away. A series of this alternate pumping action will  bring fresh nutrients to the bruise and removes wastes products.

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How to cure sore throat naturally

Rinsing your throat with saline water may help relief sore throat

Rinsing your throat with saline water may help relief sore throat

Everybody in their lifetime has once in a while suffered from the painful sore in the throat. This sometimes happens when we have cough and colds and there are times that our throats get irritated when we have too much sweets intake.

More commonly, our tonsils get inflamed when we have sore throats. In my early childhood, we were thought to gargle warm water with a pinch of salt every morning before eating or drinking anything.

Salt has been known to alleviate inflammation and with this simple procedure, sure enough, sore throat has slowly diminished. This is for the usual and simple cases when there is no underlying cause.

Oftentimes, when I know that I would soon have sore throat, I avoid drinking cold beverage and avoid eating spicy and sweet foods. Another natural way is to swallow a piece of ginger like a candy.

Ginger has a lot of healing properties that has been known to soothe pain and decrease inflammation. This does not suit me. I would rather drink a cup of hot ginger ale.

This is a powder form of ginger that is available in supermarkets. Serve a teaspoon or two in a cup of hot water and drink like tea. Often times, there is no need to add sugar.

There are a lot of natural remedies out there that will help cure the simple sore throat. But if you notice that despite these natural techniques, your sore throat keeps coming back, better consult a physician.