2 Home Remedies to Reduce Loss of Appetite in Dogs

Lose Appetite of dogs

Lose Appetite of dogs

Having a very picky eater can be a huge problem – especially if you have spent a bit much trying to switch from one brand of dog food to another. More importantly, dogs without appetite are at risk for more health problems like being underweight and developing nutritional deficiencies.

Loss of appetites in dogs can be caused by various factors.

It can be due to the environment like if you have moved to a new residence or you have taken in a new dog perhaps. Any change in the normal environment can bring stress to your dogs in one way or another thereby affecting their appetites.

Your dog’s loss of appetite can also be due to an underlying health problem that you may or may not be aware of. Your dog might have digestive problems, bacterial infections and even severe worm infestations.

If you are positive that your dog has not been under any type of stress lately and yet there is loss of appetite, it is best to consult your veterinarian immediately. Otherwise, these two home remedies might be of great help:

Check your dog what cause lose appetite

Check your dog what cause lose appetite

  • Serve your dog’s food warm. Warm food releases more aroma and can entice your dog to eat it. If you are feeding your dog commercial kibble, try adding ¼ cup of hot water and mix it thoroughly.  My dog does not seems like to eat cold food when I serve for him directly from dog can food. But after I simply reheat it, he sniffs a while and start to eat without hesitation.
  • Add in some garlic. Yes, it is garlic! Although garlic can be a toxic food item for dogs, it is still acceptable in minimal amounts. Chop fresh garlic and add 1/8 tsp. for dogs weighing less than 15 lbs. and 1/4 tsp. for dogs weighing 15 lbs. and above. This is a daily limit so adjust the amount per meal by dividing it with the number of times you feed your dog each day.

Hope this little tips may help your dog back to normal eating appetite. Let me know if you have better tips, I would like to hear.  Looking for more articles? Please visit my website at Natural Health Care Reviews


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