3 Easy Ways of Natural Acne Treatment

Natural acne treatment

Natural acne treatment

Having acne can be very inconvenient – not to mention a big dab at your self confidence. It is then a big relief that the skin industry has done loads of research in trying to address this seemingly non-teenager-exclusive skin problem.

Nowadays, lots of skin products commercially available are developed specifically for acne problems. These skin products come in different forms – including spot on treatments, facial washes, facial scrubs, creams and gels.

Although the skin industry has made it quite possible for people nowadays to get rid of acne, going natural acne treatment is still the most preferred option. Here are three home remedies for acne that have been tested and proven!

  • Toothpaste

Toothpaste is one of the oldest and most classic home remedy for acne. It is used as a spot on remedy. Apply plain (avoid whitening, tartar control, etc.) toothpaste to your pimple. Do not apply on areas of the skin without pimples as it can cause dryness, itching and a burning sensation. Always remember that toothpaste contains an active ingredient which is sulfur.

  • Garlic

Garlic, like toothpaste, also contains sulfur and is also an effective treatment for acne. However, unlike toothpaste, garlic is not for external application but should be ingested. The main drawback of this home remedy is that eating raw garlic is not a very pleasant experience.

  • Lemon Juice

Fresh lemon juice applied to acne works best as it dries it out and helps it fade quickly. It also has bleaching effects, making your skin tone lighter than before. You can also drink fresh lemon juice if you find applying it onto your skin quite risky. External application of fresh lemon juice can initially make your skin feel itchy and you’ll also experience a burning sensation.

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  1. Acne is a skin condition that can affect teenagers or adults, but it is usually a preventable condition if anybody take follow your mentioned helpful tips. I appreciate you because you focused on natural treatment instead of antibiotics or other cosmetics are made of chemicals, which has adverse effects on skin.Thank You!

  2. Acne can be cured if and only if a person is following a tested and proven effective tips such as this. There are natural ways of treating it. All they have to do is to search for it and boom!

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