5 Ways of Natural Home Remedies for Stomach Ache

Stomach ache can bring you  discomfort

Stomach ache can bring you discomfort

Having a stomach ache can be a very bothersome and inconvenient situation.You’ll not only have to halt almost all activities you have planned throughout the day but you will also have to deal with the pain in your stomach. I guess anyone of you have experienced  the pain and discomfort, right?

Stomach aches can be quite tricky to cure as they might be brought about by different reasons and yet end up as one form of discomfort. Stomach aches can be due to the food that you have eaten, indigestion, stomach acids and even diarrhea.

This is the reason why most people opt to have their tummy aches checked by their doctors first. Once the cause has been determined, they are usually prescribed with drugs. If you have stomach ache during pregnancy, you may need to take further precaution.

Even though stomach aches can have various causes, there are five stomach ache remedies that you can do at home to somehow alleviate the pain. Natural home remedies for stomach ache are way cheaper, practical and safer compared to taking drugs and self medication.

Natural Remedies for stomach ache

Natural Remedies for stomach ache

  • Extract juice from fresh ginger by pounding or using the juicer. Take ample amounts of the ginger juice extract and rub it on your belly. Ginger has been known to have pain relieving properties and will help with the stomach pain you’re dealing with.
  • Grate or pound fresh ginger and add hot water to make ginger tea. This will not only help ease the pain but will also keep your stomach warm.
  • Chamomile tea also works for stomachaches. Just let steep fresh chamomile flowers in boiling water for around 15 minutes to make fresh chamomile tea. This will soothe your tummy.
  • Commercially available peppermint teas also do the trick as peppermint helps with digestion.
  • A heating pad or a sock with uncooked rice heated through microwave will also help ward off the pain. Simply place them on your stomach.

What do to do if you have stomach ache?  Let me know how you deal with it.  I have written other articles in my blog, feel free to read them. 


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