Do Not Let Hangover Happen On You Again



After the awesome party last night, you wake up to a throbbing head and a not so good morning. Then you realize all the booze you had at the party and now you have to deal with the one of the nastiest things you can wake up with – a hangover! Here are a few tips to get you walk a straight line in a flash.

Drink up.

You bet! Drinking does not necessarily call for alcohol – unless you would want another round in the morning. Whether it is water or fresh juice, drink plenty of liquids to keep your body dehydrated. Drinking fluids can help you flush out the alcohol in your body faster. It can also replenish electrolytes that have been lost while you were dehydrated.

Grab a banana.

You have lost loads of potassium while drinking and while getting drunk. A good way to replace them is to eat a banana or two. Bananas contain potassium that can help you refuel energy as well as some essential minerals to finally get you up and about.

Banana can help hangover cure

Banana can help hangover cure

Oh Honey!

Whether you spread it on plain crackers or toast or you eat it alone, honey is one of the staples for a hangover. It not only contains potassium but also has “hangover helping qualities.”

Ginger tea, anyone?

Make a fresh cup of ginger tea by pounding or grating fresh ginger and adding boiling hot water over it. You can even add honey to make the taste more acceptable. If you’re up to it, you can add some fresh orange juice to alter the taste. If you’re too tired to do all these, grab an instant ginger tea that’s commercially available.

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