Do You Make The Mistake of Taking Sleeping Pill

Sleeping pill has side effect to our health

Sleeping pill has side effect to our health

Sometimes we can’t sleep at night. Perhaps we might have other reasons that cause insomnia. Naturally speaking we find a way to sleep easily by taking sleeping pills. When we start rely on sleeping pills in order to sleep, our health will get more harm than good.

There are many people who take sleeping pills without consulting with a doctor.  As I said just now, taking sleeping pill without the limit will cause them get addicted and unable to stop taking them. This happens if they lack of knowledge and awareness. We must aware that taking sleeping pills for a long time causes many problems in our body.

  • Risk of cancer increases
  • Our lungs get weaker
  • Trouble in breathing
  • Sometimes our intelligence gets reduced
  • Headache, weakness occurs frequently
  • Pain in belly, trouble in digestion system, less willingness in eating.
  • Sometimes it causes inflammation in hands, legs and chest.
Addicted to sleeping pills cause health problem

Addicted to sleeping pills cause health problem

I had read a medical journal recently, a researcher says that taking sleeping pills regular reduces the life expectancy of human. Why? Sleeping pill can cause cancer, kidney stone and many other problems. With these problems, some are incurable.

I will suggest everyone not to take sleeping pills frequently. Try some other natural sleeping aid  to sleep well at night that I have discussed in my earlier article.

But if you have a severe problem, consult with a doctor and then take dose as he/she prescribed to you.

Do you take sleeping pill to aid you sleep? What dose have you taken?

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