Here Are The Home Remedies for Cold Sores

Cold Sores

Cold Sores

If you find some white spots suddenly popping out of your lips and your mouth, be wary, since you might have the kissing cousin of the herpes simplex 2 or the genital herpes and sadly you might be together for life.

Be careful when you find out that you have this communicable virus as this might transfer to your wife and children through as simple as kissing. Well, since it’s a virus, it is self limiting, meaning it can just disappear but in this case, it will just reside in your nerve system near the brainstem.

It will just “break out” when you are stressed or have low immune system.  But again, there are alternative and natural ways to prevent them or to shorten their outbreaks.

One of the effective virus blocker is an amino acid called lysine. The herpes virus reproduces itself by binding with arginine, another amino acid but if the binding site has already been occupied by lysine, then there is no way to reproduce.

So, it’s best to increase lysine and avoid arginine. How? There are some foods that are rich with both of these amino acids. For lysine, you may want eat more turkey, avocado, eggs and chocolate. While you might want to avoid foods like almonds, peanuts and walnuts as they are rich in arginine.

When you think that a cold sore is about to appear, try to freeze out the sores with an ice cube for as long as it’s comfortable. Wrap it in a towel and put on the throbbing area for as long as you can. Viruses won’t survive in cold environment that’s why, ice will be good to keep them away.

Remember to keep yourself healthy and stress free if you are prone to cold sores as they tend to make your life more miserable when you are down and lonely.

When I get cold sores, what I will do is apply medicated lip balm on my lips to relief the discomfort. At least it works for me. What about you? Share me your experience. You might wonder if this is related to Canker Sore? To read more articles, please visit Natural Health Care Reviews

Cold Sore Stages Graph

Cold Sore Stages Graph


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