How Do You Deal With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Street Disorder

Post Traumatic Street Disorder

This is no ordinary stress that you can just sleep overnight and forget. Or something that you can just wash away with a warm bath or a cup of tea.

This is when you witness a very traumatic event like a crime or an accident that the image is implanted in your brain that keeps rewinding and rewinding by itself until you feel depressed or super alert or you may manifest physical problems such as digestive complaints.

Pretty serious right? It’s all psychological but it’s really life damaging. Experts would say that patients who experienced PTSD must see a professional in order to be treated promptly and properly. They also recommend a lot of natural ways to cope with this disease.

The person with PTSD must recognize that he is a normal person who has been in an abnormal situation. He must first be aware of this reality by talking to himself a little differently by using affirmations. You can help yourself stay in the present rather than constantly reliving the past.

Flower of White Chestnut

Flower Essence of White Chestnut

This is very important in the healing process. Every time you have a flashback of the traumatic event, ask yourself “What’s happening? What’s real? And tell yourself that the trauma is not happening now and that it was in the past. “I am safe and I am home”.

There are some identified herbs that help calm the senses for people with PTSD. The Star of Bethlehem flower is one of them. It has been known to release the trauma from your mind, feelings and body. Honeysuckle also helps put the experience into perspective and moves the person into present time.

And if you are haunted by recurring thought of the traumatic event, the flower essence of the white chestnut can help calm your mind. These are only a few of the natural remedies that I cam across from various readings.

There are others that you may want to try but try to consult your physician first. It is very important for cases like this that an expert will be consulted.

Should you have any experience with this, please share with our readers how to deal with that. Again, to read more articles, please visit Natural Health Care Reviews


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