How To Stop The Embarrassment From Your Sweaty Feet

Do you embarrass with your sweaty feet?

Do you embarrass with your sweaty feet?

I know a lot of people do have sweating problem. Having sweaty feet does not only make you feel uncomfortable. It can also make your feet smell. Sweat is generally safe and odorless.

However, when combined with the warmth and moisture provided by your shoes, sweat can lead to bacteria breeding – causing bad odor and smelly feet.

Here are a few tips to keep feet sweat at a minimum.

  • Wear cotton socks and avoid synthetic ones like acrylic and nylon. Remember to change your socks everyday at the very least. Try changing socks twice a day if your feet still sweat even if you change your socks everyday.
  • Avoid wearing very tight or very enclosed pair of shoes that do not allow your feet to breathe. Avoid wearing footwear made of plastic or rubber unless they have holes on them or are breathable.
  • Avoid wearing fur lined footwear as it will trap moisture and not let any air in.

    Look! What if you have a smelly feet?

    Look! What if you have a smelly feet?

  • Try making your own foot soaks and soak your feet in it several times a week. One recipe for foot soak makes use of five tea bags and one quart of hot water. Allowing the tea bag to seep for a few minutes and for it to cool down, soak your feet for 20 minutes and towel dry. You can also make use of half cup vinegar and one quart of warm water or a baking soda and warm water soak.
  • Maintain proper feet hygiene. Make sure to thoroughly wash your feet everyday with soap and water. You may also apply foot deodorant, foot powder and antiperspirant if it works for you.

If you have take this remedies steps but still not able to solve your sweaty feet problem, you might need to consult your doctor for other treatment option.

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