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dry lips

Dry lips can be relieved

Although season winter has just past but still I feel like my lips are getting dry and sometimes cracked. But Why? Yes, it is the only question that rise in my mind. So, I found out the reasons.

Now the moisture content in weather is very low. So, lips can not remain moisturized for long time. Licking lips is one of my bad habit. But this habit turns out to be dangerous for lips. It dries out the lips continuously. So, lips get cracked and sometimes blood come out. It is so painful.

Nowadays, it is a trend to use lip balm according to choice, dress, season and weather. Most of  the time, I use lip balm Chapstick and it gets stick with my lips for dryness. Sometimes I can’t get time to take care of my lips in my busy life. Then the situation get worse.



I found out some healthy solution for all these problems that I would like to share. The most important solution is to drink lots and lots of water. It helps to moisturize lips from inside.

If anyone has problem with any skin care product, he/ she should avoid that product.  Before using chapstick or lip balm, moisturizing lips with water is very effective. Bad habits of licking and chewing lips should be avoided.

I realized that one balm is not enough, usually I will put one in my car compartment, one in bedroom and one in my briefcase  that I carry out to work.

Coconut oil is very helpful for itchy skin. Aloe vera, jojoba oil and honey is very soothing and helpful for  making lips soft and beautiful.

So lips presents the personality, lovely smile and also their portal of anyone’s voice. So, come on, let’s make some time from our busy life for taking care of our lips.

If you have other better method to prevent dry lips issue, please share with us. Don’t forget to browse other useful articles from my website.


  1. I do not agree with the chapstick part. It makes you addicted to it. My cousin uses and he is so addicted to it, he is always using it. I like the water part a lot more. thanks for this useful information

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