How you can prevent diabetes

4 Steps of Diabetes Prevention

4 Steps of Diabetes Prevention

I remember I wrote articles regarding about How to Beat Diabetes Naturally. Today I have come again to talk about diabetes. I was thinking that if everyone knows the ways of the prevention of diabetes. You see, some precautions and your awareness can keep you apart from this problem. So, why not discussing about the prevention?

There are two types of diabetes. Type one and type two. When anyone talks about the prevention of diabetes, usually we refers to type-2 diabetes. It is because there is no precaution or prevention of type one diabetes.

Prevention of type two diabetes:

  • Keep your weight normal according to your age, body structure, height and health.
  • Keep your cholesterol low and try not growing fat at middle.
  • Remain active, don’t be lazy.
  • Reduce taking alcohol and avoid smoking too.
  • Make a habit of exercise. It helps to prevent diabetes as well as, if you are a diabetic patient then it will help you to keep your blood sugar under control. Exercise increases insulin in your body and thus you can remain healthy.
  • If you are above forty and your weight is greater according to your height, weight and age or if you have any diabetic patient in your family then you should check up your diabetes in every year or every three year.

Routine checkup  can only keep you healthy and reduce the chances of diseases. I would suggest you to monitor your daily living style and diet.

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