What Couples Should Discover To Boost Inhibited Sexual Desires

Honeymoon stage for couples in love is usually the most intimate season of marriage. However, as the years pass by with stress, work or increasing child rearing responsibilities, this important part of the couples’ life is often compromised or undermined.

Sexual desire

Sexual desire

For married people like me, this is likely to happen since we are all too consumed on surviving the everyday stress of life that we take for granted our own and our partner’s sexual needs. I only speak for couples who have no medical conditions that could otherwise affect libido.

For me, communication is the problem for this inhibited sexual desires. Alternative doctors also recommend a lot of creative ways to enhance our sexuality.

If stress is causing your libido to plummet, try relaxation. Take time off with your partner. Go on vacation with only the two of you away form the hustle and bustle of the city life. Just like a honeymoon.

Yoga is also recommended to bring more energy to the “heart chakra”. This is the area of the heart where the energetic center of love and intimacy flows. Sit cross legged in front of each other.

The woman may sit on top of the lap of the man, with her legs around him and also his legs around her as if making love while sitting. Look into each others eyes and put each others palm on top of each others chest on top of the heart.

Feel each others breathing while the energy is flowing out of each others heart. If this ends into lovemaking, then well and good!

Aside from physical relaxation exercise like the above, there are also a number of traditional Chinese medicines that have proven to be effective in boosting sexual desire. Take a supplement like Asian ginseng, ligustrum, or the Chinese Formula called Eight Flavor Tea Pills. Follow the dosage on the label.

Over all, try to take an intentional time off. After all, this person that you married is a friend that you want to spend and enjoy your time with.

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