What Do You Know Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea

Green tea

We all like to drink green tea. I don’t know about you, I personally like to drink hot green tea especially Japanese green tea very much. Every morning before I go to work, I prepare green tea and bring to my office.   Why green tea good for you? And how many of us know health benefits of green tea.

Do you know that drinking green tea was first started at in China?  They started using green tea as medicine since four thousand years ago. And now, green tea has become very popular  among us because of effectiveness for our health.

Researchers found out many beneficial vitamins and minerals in green tea that helps to prevent various diseases. Regularly drinking green tea can also reduce the risk of cancer too.

I am here to list out some health benefits of green tea:

  • It prevents or reduces the risk of being attacked by cancer
  • Reduces heart problem and risk of heart attack
  • It reduces harmful cholesterol in blood
  • It increases amount of helpful cholesterol in blood too
  • Green tea prevent viral flu or help to get well soon from viral flu
  • Prevents aging signs in you and keeps your body fit and beautiful
  • Reduces risk of any kind of infection
  • Good for our kidney
  • Helps to keep diabetics under control.
  • Prevents diarrhea, dysentery, and any problem of teeth

As green tea does so much good things for us, And for those if  are not considered as green tea lovers, you can try to create a habit of drinking green tea on a regular basis. This habit will keep you more healthy and keep you apart from many diseases.

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