What Do You Know About Male Menopause: Can Andropause Be Reversed?

Male menopause and symptoms

Male menopause and symptoms

Well, not only women reach the big change in their lives. Men do have their share of the pie. Although, andropause  is not widely discussed, nope! Of course the male ego would not allow this weakness to be brought out in the open. Who would want to be exposed to such feminine concept?

It’s sadly inevitable. What do you expect? You are over 50. That would be the line that your conventional doctor would say to you when you go to their clinic complaining of flagging energy, duller, sore muscles and libido at half mast.

Well, most men must know that the main hormone affected by this andropause is the male hormone called testosterone. It’s slowly deteriorating at a certain point and what alternative practitioners would suggest is to take supplements to increase that hormone to reverse the male menopause.

Of course there is the testosterone therapy which could prove to be more expensive. If you must go through the natural remedy, make sure to follow multiple factors to keep menopause at bay.

Exercise at any age is a must, specially for men over age 50. Why? Because overweight men have lower than normal levels of testosterone in their body. Fats causes the body to produce lesser testosterone and more of the female hormone called estrogen.

Andropause can be reversed

Andropause can be reversed

Yes, men do have this hormone also but in a much lower level than that of the males. That’s why, when you become overweight, you tend to be weaker and can’t burn as much fat. Just a brisk 20 minute walks three times a week can help a middle age or older man maintain lean body mass.

The mineral zinc can help deactivate aromatase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. It’s recommended to take 50 milligrams twice a day until you see an improvement. Vitamin C must also be adequate in the body to maintain high levels of aromatase.

There are suggested foods called cruciferous vegetables that are rich in indoles, which break down estrogen more efficiently so that it does not build in the system. These are the broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower. You must also avoid grapefruit since its known to block the livers breakdown of estrogen.

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