What questions should I ask before start blogging Weekly Update 5

When I first read the guest post of assignment of the week from Prof. Belew.  The first response in my mind is what I am going to write for this week?


I am not going repeatedly says what I have been written as guest writer on Prof. Belew’s website. If you are interested what I have written about,  you can  go to my guest post – 6 Questions I Should Ask Before Blogging my Natural Health Care Reviews site – Weekly Updates 5  at Prof. Belew website.

blogging tips

blogging tips

Oh..One thing I should add to to write in my guest post is.

How fast can I make money thru my blog site. In fact, that is the 7th question.

I have been asking Prof. Belew this question in the class. He said that you must have traffic to your site and you should have high quality of contents on my site

Now I understand I need to give something valueable to your readers. The reason is very simple. People are looking for information. People browse the internet is looking  for  help and solution. I mean, something that you can help them to resolve their problem. In over time when you have a group of royal readers, you can easily offer something to them. This is how we can make money thru blogging.

A lot of new blogger may have this misconception that they can make money overnight. So, 99% of these people will fail.  Blogging is not a “Get Rich Quick Scheme Overnight”. Blogging requires a hard work.

What do you think about my site Natural Health Care Reviews? Help yourself…..

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