What Should You Know About Arrhythmia Treatment

Cardiac Arrhythmia

Cardiac Arrhythmia

It’s called cardiac arrhythmia. A difficult to spell word that only means irregular heartbeat. Since this is cardiac related, you may want to consult a doctor before trying on some drug free treatments that I recommend.

Otherwise, if it’s benign or harmless cardiac arrhythmia, your doctor may still give you some drugs that would potentially cause impotence, constipation and fatigue. If you will take our word for it, you may actually have a peaceful heartbeat without the drugs.

Magnesium has been known to relax the heart muscle. It is a mineral that is known to help keep electric impulse in your heart stable and make it calm. The mineral magnesium supplement is available in health stores to be taken four times a day or 500 milligrams twice a day with meals. It’s recommended that you consult with your doctor first specially if you have kidney problems.

Stress has been known to be a triggering factor also for cardiac arrhythmia, so some relaxation techniques are also being recommended. Example would be the yoga exercises.

Vitamins help Cardiac Arrhythmia symptoms

Vitamins help Cardiac Arrhythmia symptoms

The “dead pose” is very well popular that even students who are about to take academic exams do the exercise to release their anxiety. It’s just as simple as lying on your back on any comfortable surface, facing the ceiling with arms on your sides, palms up.

Breathing easily and normally, keeping your attention to your breathing, not letting your mind wander off. For as short as 5 minutes a day, this could actually become a healthy habit.

The amino acid taurine can also help stop your heart from over stimulating which is important in this case. Take the 500 to 1000 milligrams capsule twice a day between meals.

Remember, this may sound simple but always keep in mind that living a healthy lifestyle would benefit your skipping heart. The above mentioned cardiac arrhythmia treatments are mere recommendations and you must always see your doctor.

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