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How to relief allergies natural remedies – Part 2

Sneezing is a common sign of allergies

Sneezing is a common sign of allergies

As I talk at my previous post, why not take the home remedies that are proven to work? A preferred recommendation is to take a cleansing bath for the immune system. Experts say that our body is filled up with toxins and stress. A drop of allergen could overflow the immune system that’s why we need a detoxification bath.

Just simply take a shower and scrub yourself to remove excess oil and dirt. Then have a warm soak in the tub, making sure that the water level covers up to your neck. Stay in the bath for 5 minutes then take another warm bath to wash off the toxins from your skin. Do this at least 3 times a week, increasing the soaking time.

A top herbal antihistamine called nettle is also recommended. Start taking it a couple of weeks before allergy season begins. Take two 300 milligram capsules of freeze dried nettle three times a day. There are also other natural remedies like Quercetin and Bromelain.  These are perfect anti allergy pairs that can be bought from health shops.

Remember, its always important that you know what are you allergic with. It will save your life.

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Is reciprocal links better than one way link ?

Is reciprocal backlinks good or bad ?

Is reciprocal backlink good or bad ?

Drafting my essay in guest posts style for a week. Phew! I finally manage to finish my “Top 10 lesson that I have learned from Marketing with Social Media” text book essay that is due before February 24 midnight.This post responsed to the lessons that I have read from the textbook – Marketing with Social Media, written by Prof. Bill Belew himself. Initially I drafted my original writing at my website and then copy and paste to BillBelew.com website as a guest writer this afternoon from my iPad while I was eating my late lunch in a McDonald restaurant (Thanks for free WiFi connection service).

I also read the announment earky of the day where Prof. Belew talked about close loop issue in guest blog. This is something like  whenever we create guest blog and posted as a guest post at a guest website, and having backlinks linking back to my Natural Health Products Reviews site.

Conversely, I also need to write a post and have a link that links to the guest blog that I posted. This is what he called as “close the loop“.

I don’t know in the eye of search engines i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo,  reciprocal backlink bring higher ranking, more powerful than one-way backlinks?  To my knowledge reciprocal links (trading links) may have less value and might looks unnatural in search engines’s eye. However, search engine  has more favor to one-way linking.

Frankly speaking I don’t know it is true or not. I need an answer for that question. Or both linking strategy should include in our overall backlinks strategies.

Do you have the same question in your mind? What do you think about the backlink issue, better titles for my  blog posts. or anything? Share your experience with me. I would like to hear.

You have been stung?

Avoid being stung by insects, wear light color of fabric

Avoid being stung by insects, wear light color of fabric

There are a million bugs out there and well, most of us are bound to get bitten at least once in our lifetime. Different bugs have there own stings of varying degrees of pain and potential level of risk to human life. It would be better to stay away from these nasty bugs as they say, prevention is better than cure.But the outdoors reckons us to enjoy what nature has to offer. We just have to be cautious though since the bugs are also out there. For a start, before you bask under the sun, make sure you wear light colored fabrics and avoid printed florals as they are attracted to these prints.

Do not be agitated when you hear a buzz and see a bee flying around. You will just attract more attention. Also, don’t wear too much scented perfume or colognes as the bees or bugs might mistake you for a flower.

If for instance a bug has decided to put a sting on you. Errr, sting you in short, just go to the kitchen and you will likely find some natural remedies available.

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How to relief for allergies natural remedies

Sneezing is a common sign of allergies

Sneezing is a common sign of allergies

An itch, a runny nose, headache, red eyes, scratchy throat, these are the nasty combination of the classic symptoms of an allergy attack. You see, our immune system may be triggered by allergens like pollens, dust, cat dander and what have you.

Depends on what kind of allergens will your immune systems decides to be its enemy huh! Anyway, this allergens is then inhaled into your body and then an antibody is created. The antibody then detects the enemy, the allergens,and signals the immune system to destroy it.

Now, our cells must release histamine to neutralize the allergens. That’s where the classic symptoms manifest. Then we go to the drugstore and take anti histamine drugs. Problem solved? Yeah, that’s what we think. The danger poses in because the antihistamine treats the classic symptoms and not the cause of that symptoms!

Specific sensitivity to allergens is concealed when we take something that blocks the histamine. Worst, there are over the counter antihistamines that could even cause arrhythmias and worst, rebound allergic attacks.

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