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You have been stung?

Avoid being stung by insects, wear light color of fabric

Avoid being stung by insects, wear light color of fabric

There are a million bugs out there and well, most of us are bound to get bitten at least once in our lifetime. Different bugs have there own stings of varying degrees of pain and potential level of risk to human life. It would be better to stay away from these nasty bugs as they say, prevention is better than cure.But the outdoors reckons us to enjoy what nature has to offer. We just have to be cautious though since the bugs are also out there. For a start, before you bask under the sun, make sure you wear light colored fabrics and avoid printed florals as they are attracted to these prints.

Do not be agitated when you hear a buzz and see a bee flying around. You will just attract more attention. Also, don’t wear too much scented perfume or colognes as the bees or bugs might mistake you for a flower.

If for instance a bug has decided to put a sting on you. Errr, sting you in short, just go to the kitchen and you will likely find some natural remedies available.

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How to relief for allergies natural remedies

Sneezing is a common sign of allergies

Sneezing is a common sign of allergies

An itch, a runny nose, headache, red eyes, scratchy throat, these are the nasty combination of the classic symptoms of an allergy attack. You see, our immune system may be triggered by allergens like pollens, dust, cat dander and what have you.

Depends on what kind of allergens will your immune systems decides to be its enemy huh! Anyway, this allergens is then inhaled into your body and then an antibody is created. The antibody then detects the enemy, the allergens,and signals the immune system to destroy it.

Now, our cells must release histamine to neutralize the allergens. That’s where the classic symptoms manifest. Then we go to the drugstore and take anti histamine drugs. Problem solved? Yeah, that’s what we think. The danger poses in because the antihistamine treats the classic symptoms and not the cause of that symptoms!

Specific sensitivity to allergens is concealed when we take something that blocks the histamine. Worst, there are over the counter antihistamines that could even cause arrhythmias and worst, rebound allergic attacks.

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7 steps Get rid Flaking Scalp Problem

flaking scalp

flaking scalp

Having a scalp itchiness is one of the scalp problem nowadays. Men and women are having the same problem especially dandruff, hair fall, scalp allergies and flaking. However, scientific solutions never stop on looking for remedies to help people having  such problems. Most people who are having these problems were due to frequent changing of hair styles and frequent used of hair chemicals or medicated products.

To get rid of flaking scalp problem, here are some ways and tips which are tested and proven by specialists.

  • You can see your skin specialists for any skin testing for allergies.
  • You can use organic and natural products for your shampoo and conditioner.
  • If you are presently using chemicals in your hair, stop using it now to assess whether this chemical or medicated solution was the cause of your scalp problem.
  • One of the known organic products is the coconut oil.
  • If you have an oily scalp and hair, wash it thoroughly every day so that the pores of your skin will be cleansed. Do not over wash your scalp because it will cause drying your scalp and can cause flaking.
  • Do not expose your hair or your scalp to the extreme heat of the sun or any hair iron to prevent drying of the scalp.
  • If irritations, itchiness and redness will occur consult your skin specialist.

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Do you have similar problem? Please share your experience with me.

The secret of perking up your swollen eyes

They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. Even if our lips remain closed, our eyes speak with emotions. We must take good care of our eyes for they remain to be one of the best assets that we carry throughout our lives.

Taking care of them doesn’t mean that we need to cushion them with puffy eyelids! When our eyes get very tired, fluids remain puffed under our eyelids. The vessels will constrict and will retain fluids that will form like tea bags under our lids.

If you want to look like gold fishes or you like Garfield very much, then puffy eyes are for you. But most of us would want to get rid of these puffy eyelids. There are home remedies that have remained famous all these time.

Like the perennial cold tea bags that you put over your eyes while resting. After drinking a relaxing chamomile tea, save the tea bags and put them on the refriegerator. You may put them over your eyes when you sleep and wake up refreshed, now with deflated puffy eyelids.

How about cucumber? After eating a few slices of the cold cucumbers, put them on your eyes just like the cold tea bags. Be sure to

Do you have puffy eyes like Garfield?

Do you have puffy eyes like Garfield?

drink a lot of water to hydrate yourself. When you get dehydrated, the body saves fluid by storing them in areas like the eyelids.So, when you notice that the eyelids starts puffing, you will know that you need more water.

How about salt? They say that when you eat foods with a lot of salt content, the body retains more water, thereby filling again those pillows under the eyes.But when you put a pinch of salt in warm water and dip some cotton to be applied under the puffy eyes, you will be sure his time that the salt will do you some good. Your eyes will thank you for removing the puff underneath. After all, who needs to look like Garfield?

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