Fight with Toenail Fungus

Beat toenail fungus with simple natural remedies

Toenail fungal infection is rather common. It spreads quickly from one toenail to another specially when not treated. It is characterized by a painless discoloration of the nails that extends up to the nail bed and in some worst cases, beneath the nail, at times consuming up all the keratin of each toenail. Sometimes it has a foul smell with yellowish dirt that can be removed form underneath the affected toenail.

toenail fungusThis unfortunate infection called onychomycosis can be acquired by contamination from wet slippers and shoes, unhygienic public gyms and showers. The causative agents, dermatophytes, thrive mostly from warm and moist places like the ones mentioned. Without immediate treatment, this can be potentially serious as it can affect all of your toenails.  Well, for those who don’t care how their feet and nails would look like, this might not be a concern to them. But for most population, this infection is a major dilemma.

Natural remedies are available for practically ALL of the known diseases of mankind. Be it potentially serious as Diabetes Mellitus or as simple as fungal infections. Nature has its own way of providing remedy to the ailments of mankind. With the increasing popularity of natural medicines, it deserves a serious discussion and must be well worth the research and usage.

For toenail fungal infection, there are a lot of home remedies that can be blended. One of which is the simple vinegar with water mixture to be used as foot soak. Before taking a bath in the evening, soak your affected foot (feet) with 1 part apple cider vinegar with some parts water for 15 to 20 minutes. Dry your foot thoroughly and remove some skins and nail debris while putting some antiseptics or alcohol.

Make sure to dry up your feet before putting on some lotions and put on dry and clean socks. Some people do not like this type of treatment as this will dry their skin. Instead, soak a cotton ball on this mixture and place the wet cotton ball on each affected toes.

Another natural remedy is the use of tea tree oil. It can be dabbed using cotton, on the affected toenail. This will be done after cleansing and drying up. The use of bleach is also effective and is readily available. Hydrogen peroxide, a synthetic treatment but available in the house, is also gaining popularity with its positive feedback on nail fungal infection. Vicks VapoRub also works wonders on drying up and healing the infection.

Treatment for toenail fungal infection requires discipline and patience. You must be consistent in the treatment plan and must maintain foot hygiene. If it is a serious infection, with too much discoloration and fluids, discontinue the use of natural or herbal medicines. It is always a good practice to consult your doctor first before trying on any treatment, be it natural or medical.


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