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Do You Aware of Lifestyle Changes Can Banish Burnout Symptoms

Burnout syndrome

Burnout syndrome

From most of my readings on alternative medicine, much has been said on the effects of the mind on the physical ailments of people.

For burnouts, conventional doctors would agree that while there are several different causes of burnout, the underlying root is psychological. In alternative medicine, they believe that this is physical in nature.

They say that the conventional psychological explanations of burnout don’t get to the heart of the problem and often prevent people from getting the right help. They call this the depletion syndrome.

When you carry a great physical and emotional load for too long without letup, your body simply can’t keep up and it starts to show up as one or more of the burnout symptoms. These symptoms include constant fatigue, irritability, insomnia, anxiety and even allergy, digestive problems and so on.

Alternative cures would start on diet. Try cutting on sugar and on starchy foods (bread, rice and potatoes) and keep cutting until your energy rises, According to a book, these high carbohydrate diet would only produce too much roller coaster in blood sugar levels.

Burnout Prevention

Burnout Prevention

You also need extra rest. Either more nighttime hours, daily naps or some relaxing quiet time alone. Whole doing these relaxation techniques, try to do diaphragmatic breathing.

Inhale slowly through your mouth, feeling the belly expand, then exhale through your mouth. This is a good exercise which can be done anytime and anywhere. Do some stretching exercise also. You can do walking and stretching during office lunch time.

There are a lot of ways to banish burnout symptoms. Just be aware that your body needs time to rest and try not to worry so much.

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Here Are Another Tips For Relieving Minor Burn String

Burn Relief

Burn Relief

Getting a burn is no joke. It stings, is painful and can even bring you to tears. Whatever the cause is – scalding hot water, the metal plate of the iron you accidentally bumped into or forgetting to wear kitchen mittens while picking up that wok, a burn needs immediate relief.

Unless you’re suffering from third degree burns brought about by chemicals, open fire and other more lethal causes, these home remedies will help relieve that minor burn sting.

The first thing you can do if you get a burn is to use cool water. Run cool water on the burned skin for at least 10 minutes. The cool temperature will help restrict the burn and the damage to a certain part and prevent it from spreading.

Pour some diluted vinegar on your burn. Vinegar is one of the oldest and most trusted home remedy for burns. Simply dilute vinegar with water in equal parts and apply it onto your burn by pouring directly or even soaking up the burned part with the mixture. Vinegar helps remove the sting and relaxes your skin too.

Apply Aloe Vera can help to burn relief

Apply Aloe Vera can help to burn relief

Apply aloe vera onto the burned skin. Gather some aloe vera leaves and split open. You can gently apply the gel onto your burned skin. Aloe vera can help kill the pain and aid in faster recovery from the skin burn.

Black tea can also help relieve skin burn. Using 2 or 3 tea bags, let seep in cool water and apply the tea to the burned skin.

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Do You Know Prevention Tips for Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary Tract Infection

Avoid Urinary Tract Infection

I came across a reading journal about Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and I think it is good to share with my readers.

Basically it is mainly due to the accumulation of bacteria in the urethra. Out of the millions of cases of UTI in the world every year, more than half of them are experienced by women.

The shorter length of women’s urethras – a mere one and a half inch compared to the 8 inches urethra in men is the main reason for this. Unlike in men, bacteria have a shorter distance to travel in women and thus, women are more prone to developing urinary tract infection.

Canberry can help Urinary Tract Infection

Canberry can help Urinary Tract Infection

There are several ways to prevent Urinary Tract Infection  in women.

  • Drink plenty of water – about 8 to 10 glasses a day. Water helps regulate urination, flushing out bacteria.
  • Do not hold it in if you need to urinate. Holding it in will only delay the flushing out of bacteria and as a result, they flourish and irritate your urinary tract.
  • Avoid using feminine hygiene products that contain too much chemicals. These products include wipes, deodorants, feminine washes, powders and soaps. Some of these products contain too much perfume which can irritate your urethra.
  • When wiping, always remember to wipe from front to back. Wiping the other way around will bring in bacteria from the anus to your vagina – causing infection.
  • Drink cranberry juice. Cranberry juice has become a very popular preventive and even natural remedy for urinary tract infection. Cranberry juice is said to contain proanthocyanidins which helps flush out bacteria from your urethra and urinary bladder.

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What Do You Know About Preventive Measures for High Cholesterol

Cholesterol level chart

Cholesterol level chart

As we getting older, our cholesterol level may be elevated! A person’s cholesterol level is greatly affected by diet and exercise. Other cholesterol levels are also due to family history for example family members having cases of high cholesterol and even high blood pressure. Here are a few preventive measures that you can take to veer away from high cholesterol.

  • Avoid foods that are deep fried. Foods that are deep fried are not only unhealthy because of the oil but also because most of the foods that are deep fried are fatty.
  • Be mindful of the oil that you use for cooking. Opt for olive oil or canola oil instead of butter and margarine when cooking.
  • Load up on soy products. Food items like soy milk, tofu and soy burgers can fill you up without all that unhealthy fat. They are also an excellent source of protein.
  • Snack on some nuts. Nuts like pistachios and walnuts along with sunflower seeds can help lower cholesterol levels.
  • Change your meat part preferences. Instead of choosing fatty meat for your steaks, stick to leaner ones. It is also a good idea to skip all the fat trimmings as they can definitely give your cholesterol levels a boost!
  • Eat more fiber. Fiber can be found in most fruits and vegetables. You can also get fiber from oatmeal and other whole grains like whole wheat and flaxseed. Fiber helps cholesterol binding thereby preventing it from making its way into the bloodstream.

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