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Do not forget to proper caring your feet

Remember to change socks everyday especially during warm season.

Remember to change socks everyday especially during warm season.

Warm season is coming and foot problems gross because of excessive heat and over exposure to sunlight that will cause excessive sweating. But you should also take care of your feet.

There are essential things to do in caring your feet. Your feet are an important part of your body, so as with other parts. If you are working all day in an office, your feet must be taken cared of by a foot lotion because most of the time it is close and covered for many hours.

It needs foot moisturizer and foot powder. Some feet are sweats easily or will always have excessive sweating. There are simple yet non- expensive foot powder such as, powdered starch to keep your feet dry eve when covered for a longer hours.

Always use a clean socks and shoes all the time to avoid fungus formation that can cause bad foot odor. If your shoes and socks are wet, you can change it or let  it dry before using it. Some issues of foot bad odor are when you borrow shoes from other people or you let your shoes borrowed by others, too. Also try to prevent athlete foot.

So, if they have a foot odor problem, your foot will be contaminated by the fungus, as well.

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How to apply natural method in whitening your teeth

White and sparkling teeth are one of the problem me are facing today. One of the asset of beauty is having a whiter teeth. There are may reasons why some me failed to maintain the health of their teeth.

Having white teeth can bring you confident smile

Having white teeth can bring you confident smile

There are various kinds of toothpaste in the market today. However, due to commercialized toothpaste, most of it is made from harmful chemicals and ingredients that can cause damage to your teeth and even gum bleeding.

Studies have shown that there is tooth paste that are made from natural ingredients or organic in nature that are healthy paste for your teeth and gums. Teeth whiteners from natural soda are gum friendly and prevent gum bleeding, as well.

Some commercial paste can irritate your gums and can cause a tingling sensation to your gums. Sodium chloride gargle is also a healthy practice not only cleaning your teeth but will also massage your gums. You can do manual massage to your gums to promote blood circulation to your gums.

Some are also applying charcoal dust instead of commercial toothpaste, this also an effective teeth whitener. These are all affordable and can be found in different commercial market in your place. Please stay tuned for more.

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How to avoid dry skin the natural way

Much has been said about getting hydrated to have a healthy looking skin. Form my readings, nothing has been said good about having anything dry. Everything must by well moisturized, from your hair, mouth, head, nails etc.

The largest organ of the body, being the skin must well be included in the big picture. If you keep yourself well hydrated from inside out, meaning drinking more than 6 glasses a day, you must be far from being dry and barren looking.

How it looks like dry skin on a man's hand.

How it looks like dry skin on a man’s hand.

But there are really times, that no matter how we do, we find ourselves, specially our faces, looking like the Sahara. There are a lot of simple tricks that, aside from moisturizers, will do the hydrating job well. Heard about misting?

This is as simple as spraying yourself with water using a fine mist. But, before doing so, make sure to apply a moisturizer with humectants. This ingredient makes sure that the mist you spray on your face will keep on hydrating inside of dying you up.

Mist fluids may include plain water, aloe juice and flower water. This flower water is the fluid that left over after a plant has been distilled to remove the essential oils.

Another way to keep yourself moisturized is to use aromatherapy as a hydrating facial compress. A daily use of warm compress using the aromatherapy essential oils of lavender, rose or neroli will surely do the trick.

In a basin of warm water, put some drops of the essential oils mentioned above. Dip a washcloth in the water with the mixture. Lean over the warm eater to absorb the steam over your face.

Cover your face with the warm washcloth. This will hydrate your face and will continue to stimulate the oil glands from your face.

They are not hard and not easy either

Today is Saturday, February 16, 2013 which is six days after attended the first class –  Professor Bill Belew teaches  Marketing with Social Media class in Silicon Valley

You know, for the past few days I have real hectic days. Seriously…

What a hectic life.

What a hectic life.

My wife asked what make me so busy days and nights. Woke up early every day and lock myself in my study room after coming back from regular day job.

I explained to her what I have done so far. She asked,”Do you feel regret after taking the class?  And I responsed to her, “That is something I have to do it. I have no choice. For now, I have to meet the deadline where writing 160 posts before end of March! I must consistent to do it in order to succeed. I know what I am doing. What I have done in the past but does not really works and hoping I am doing now will bring me something miracle in next future.”

I believe all other classmate may encounter similar situation with me. Busier than ever. As of now, my daily life has slightly change after attending the class because I have to write as many articles post as possible.

Doing some research on the topic I plan to write, drafting the contents, search for information that I plan to use on the articles. Frankly speaking, time is not really enough for me. I hope we have 48 hours a days instead of 24 hours a day.

I woke up at least 1-2 hours  before my regular wake up time everyday – before going to work. Sitting in front of computer with my pajamas, having my hot and fresh brewed instants coffee and start working on my website. Right before started dressing up myself and headed to office. Besides, I have to continue after coming back from regular day job.

To keep it short, I have to continue my other assignment which is going to due tomorrow night. As stated in last chapter of  Prof Belew’s written text book - It’s not easy, It’s not hard. Just do it!

Stay tuned.