3 Easy Ways for Arthritis Pain Relief at Home

arthritis pain relief

Arthritis pain relief

Arthritis refers to inflammation of the joints. It is actually a form of joint disorder and can be a very painful condition. Contrary to popular belief, arthritis does not only exist within the much older population.

In fact, almost anyone can experience arthritis. Arthritis can have various causes and can be of different types including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and juvenile arthritis among others. Here are a few home remedies for arthritis relief that may help you somehow.

  • Apply a hot compress.

You can apply a hot compress by using a towel soaked in hot water. You may also use a heating pad or even an electric blanket. Others suggest using uncooked rice or any raw grain or cereal. Simply place some in any cylindrical cloth or even a sock and microwave for a good five minutes. Then, apply it on the joint that is experiencing pain. You may also take a hot shower. Do not apply a hot compress if your joint is inflamed or in cases of rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Apply a cold compress.

A cold compress is very effective for inflamed joints. You can make a cold compress by soaking a washcloth in very cold water. You can also use a cold pack or some ice cubes placed in plastic wrapped with towel.

  • Epsom salt baths.

You can mix Epsom salt in a tub of water and soak yourself in it. This can relieve aches in your joints and can also help reduce swelling. If only a certain part of your body is in pain or experiencing arthritis, you can mix a smaller amount of Epsom salts like two tablespoons into a basin of water.

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Here is Another Natural Remedy for Arthritis

Arthritis illustration

Arthritis illustration

I decided to write more on remedies on arthritis topic.  As you may know it is a kind of disorder affecting the small joints of the extremities. It is mostly characterized by pain in the extremities especially early in the morning.

Some people used to take medicines for arthritis for temporary relief. However, because of too much intake of medicines, it can create complications to some organs in the body.

There are common treatments that were proven effective in some and simple degree of arthritis, such as:

  • Application of fomentation by removing of the patient’s clothing and cover him with a blanket or any sheet. Prepare a basin filled with ice water and start the compress just at the bedside.
  • You must close the windows of the room to prevent  drafts. Cover the area suffering from pain with a bath towel. Place a dry towel over the affected area then applying a hot towel over the dry towel on the affected side. Change the fomentation every five minutes.
  • Let the patient rest after the treatment.
  • You can apply Turmeric or Round Turmeric by chopping or crushing a rhizome and mix it with oil and apply on the poultice of Turmeric on the joints overnight.
  • Another organic plant is Pepper Mint herbal & medicinal plant effective for arthritis. Just boil 4-5 tablespoon of dried leaves of Pepper Mint in a 2 cups of water for 10-15 minutes. Drink ½ glass every four hours.

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Here is Little Known Ways to Have A Clout Gout


What is gout?

Can you imagine some liquid inside your body which turned into glass and suddenly shattered? Sounds deadly right? That’s what’s happening when you have gouty arthritis. The normal uric acid, a by product of protein metabolism will change from liquid into tiny crystals.

And since these are crystals, they are spiked and they are sharp which makes gouty arthritis as the most painful arthritis in the world. If you have it, then you must know the pain. Good news is there are ways to help blow the gout away without the drugs.

For almost all of the diseases, alternative medicine will advise us to drink enough water. In the case of gout, it’s a little more than 8 glasses a day since you need to flush out those shattered crystals right? So, you must tolerate drinking a gallon a day. And after a year, you can reduce it a little. Water is by far the most important remedy for gout cleansing.

Gout on toe

Gout on toe

Want to live a bowl of cherries? Yes, if you have gout then cherries will be great for you. Its component called anthocyanocides is very effective in lowering the uric acid level of the body. Avoid store bought cherry juice as pasteurrization will remove the anthocyanocides.

High purine foods are also a must to avoid. These are your favorite sardines, mackerel, organ meats such as liver, kidney and some vegetables like asparagus, mushrooms and all types of beans.

Another interesting alternative remedy that I found is apple cider vinegar. I have heard a lot about this wonder vinegar and I just recently read that it’s also good for gout. A tablespoon a day is apparently very effective in preventing those painful gout attacks.

Lastly, DO NOT consume alcohol as this will contribute to uric acid build up because of the ethyl alcohol content.

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