How to Beat and Reverse Osteoporosis Natural Ways

This osteoporosis disease particularly rampant in women age forty is like a tragedy. Apparently, there is more bone that is dissolved than formed. And the best place to combat this tragedy in a natural way is at your dining table.



Yes, it’s what we put in our mouths that could prevent this tragedy. Naturopathic doctors believe that this is a reversible disease than can be cured naturally.


The anwser is Food. Eating at least 2 ounces of protein from red meat, poultry or fish is the way to go.  But, if you eat more than that, the body will produce acidic waste protein which can’t be eliminated until there is enough source of calcium, from nowhere else but your bones.

Since n-th grade, we were told to consume milk to have stronger bones. Well, when we grow older, most of us can’t follow this because it’s either plain boring or because of lactose intolerance.

Therefore, for calcium source, it’s recommended that you get it also from cheese, yogurt, or vegetables like bok choy, spinach and collards.

It is emphasized that people consume foods that are not only rich in calcium but also other nutrients like magnesium, copper, zinc, manganese. These can be found in tofu, seaweed, salmon, sardines, beans and almonds.

For supplementation, be careful not to exceed more than 1,500 milligrams a day as too much calcium will also interfere with the absorption of other minerals like magnesium, and other trace minerals which could make our bones weaker instead of stronger.

We were also told to stay on the sunny side to get the Vitamin D from the sun, in order for calcium to be absorbed by our bones. Interestingly, I have read that you need an hour a day of  total body exposure in order to get the right amount of Vitamin K. So it’s recommended to take at least 400 IU of Vitamin D daily.

And for tea drinkers who have calcium deficiency, you may want  to try brewing a tea with one part horsetail, sage, alfalfa, oats and peppermint for taste. Now you know that milk is not the calcium source mainstay huh?

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