Here Are Quick Organic Remedies for your Dental Problems


Regular dental checkup is important to maintain dental health

Dental problem is one of the most common health problem regardless men or women, old or young. Most of the dental issues are due to poor health system, poor personal hygiene or even genetics in nature.

Some simple dental problems were left unattended because of low economic status. I mean, people cannot afford dental insurance and fail to visit dentist regularly.

Nevertheless, there are natural remedies that are proven helpful in treating dental issues and even prevention for complications.

Toothache is the most common symptoms if you are suffering from dental problems. Some maybe simple or slight pain and some are severe pain.

But, there are water treatment that can relieve pain and swollen face. Just simply apply ice packs or cold compress on the affected area, gums and even in your cheeks for 20-30 minutes. This method is just for temporary relief of the pain.

However, there are herbal medications or organic remedy for your dental problems as well:

  1. If it is a tooth decay, start brushing your teeth thoroughly after meals and simply massage your gums afterwards.
  2. Slice a small piece of garlic and place it inside the cavity and use it as filling. You can change the filling twice a day, if possible.
  3. guava leaves also effective as organic remedy for toothache. Just pound fresh leaves and extract the juice and place it in a piece of cotton and place it inside the cavity as filling.

All these remedies are for temporary relief of pain. You should seek dentist assistance for your tooth decay problem. Periodically dental checkup and brushing your teeth regularly is the best prevention from further dental problem.

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