How to Get Rid of Common Cold with Homemade Eggnog Recipe

Eggnog has always been a popular Christmas drink in western countries. It has always been present in times of merry making and family fun. In some countries in Asia though, particularly in Japan and Korea, eggnog means so much more than the holidays. During the winter season, it is a highly popular natural remedy for common colds.

Homemade Eggnog recipe

Homemade Eggnog recipe

Initially, eggnog was concocted to fight off the cold temperature during winter season – keeping your body warm. It is a result of the innovation and evolution of various winter tonics.

Although eggnog was only available to people belonging to the upper class of society during the Medieval times, it definitely has made its way to almost each and every home nowadays.

Here is a classic eggnog recipe that will naturally help fight off common colds and other health problems brought about by the harsh winter season.

This is a very basic homemade eggnog recipe and does not even contain milk. If 2/3 cup of alcohol is too strong for you, you can use half part milk and half part alcohol instead of using alcohol alone. Some even skip out the alcohol and opt for non-alcoholic eggnog.


  • 1 whole egg
  • 2/3 cup alcohol of your choice
  • Honey or sugar to taste

Crack the egg in a bowl. Make sure to mix the egg white and the egg yolk well. Add in the alcohol and mix well. Simmer the mixture (very very low heat) and stir constantly until it becomes creamy. Add in honey or sugar to taste. Drink your eggnog while it’s warm.

I also found a video clip in Youtube as well on teaching you how to make eggnog at home. Hoping you have learned eggnog recipe.

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