What Sarah Parker, Celine Dion, Courtney Cox and Mariah Carey are in Common?

Inferlity issue

Infertility issue

What to do most famous Hollywood stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Celine Dion, Courtney Cox and Mariah Carey and a million other women have in common?

They all have infertility issues. Not surprising nowadays. It’s always an amazement how people go to great lengths to correct this infertility issues. Sad to say, we all focus on women to be having the problem.

Experts would say that both partners must see an infertility specialist after a year or so of unprotected sex but still no offspring. It has been said that stress is one of the major culprit (again!).

Natural approach would recommend meditation, yoga and exercise to rejuvenate and release the stress. Another advise would be to choose your diet.

For women, it’s good to eat warming foods rather than cooling foods since they need a nice, warm and cushy environment for the egg to implant.

infertility issue

Infertility affect both men and women equally

So, alternative doctors would recommend small portions of the protein rich meat such a lamb, fish, chicken, milk, eggs, grains, beans, seeds. Men would need some cooling foods  like fruits, as heat is not good for sperm.

Alternative approach would also include acupressure. In men, the best acupressure area is located below the navel, exactly four finger widths below it.

It accordingly balances the kidney and reproductive meridians in the pelvic cavity,

Women can also undergo acupressure from trained acupuncturist with the area located center of the chest between the nipples. These identified areas can also be stimulated by directly rubbing on it.

There are many ways to enhance fertility for couples. What’s important though is that both of you have open communication and must continue to show love and support since this issue is not a walk in a park.

It could mean struggles, pain and desperation. Remember to seek help from experts.

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