A lazy way to get rid foot odor

Did you know that your favorite cheese (Limburger cheese to be exact) has been ripened and made delicious by bacteria that also causes your feet to stink!

Strong foot odor can be embarassing

Strong foot odor can be embarrassing

Sounds gross right? While the other is delicious the one that we will solve right now is stinky! Luckily though, we have some natural remedies that will solve  stinky feet odor away!

If it’s the bacteria that’s causing the smell, then its best to eliminate it right? What better way to do that is to always wash your feet with soap and water and always keep them dry. Our shoes must also be dry and free from moist as bacteria favors dark and moist environment.

I am personally a victim of this (sigh!) and a member of the stinky feet club. No matter how I scrub and wash my feet, after a few days, the odor will again strike.

It’s already embarrassing. What I discovered is the use of vinegar soak.

By putting a half cup of vinegar to a basin of warm water, I regularly soak my feet for at least 20 minutes a day. Well, I must admit, I find this tedious and hassle with my fast paced life that’s why I only do it on weekends.

For everyday odor free feet, I use a spray of witch hazel mixed with peppermint and geranium essential oils. Before doing the spray, I always make sure that my feet are dry and clean. I do this 3 times day, before going to work, after coming home from work and when I got to bed I also put my socks on.

I regularly wash and wipe my shoes and leave them outside to sun dry. It’s so effective that it has literally washed out my embarrassment on stinky feet.

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