How to Treat Boil Safely and Naturally

What is Boil all about?

What is Boil all about?

Many doctors will tell us that a boil is a bacterial infection of a sweat gland or a hair follicle that is caused by a pore or follicle being blocked by dead skin cells and other debris. The immune system’s white blood cells die in battle creating large amounts of pus along with redness, swelling and pain.

Well, it is a likely scenario but would you believe that it may also be caused by gastrointestinal bacteria that has spread in the bloodstream causing infection, a boil, to pop out in the skin?

It’s serious but there are alternative ways to fight off these boils. But, you must also consider seeing your doctor if the boil has spread and has increased in size, making it very tender and painful.

For simple boils, let water do the trick. Yes, you can use hot and cold compress to beat the nasty boil! To help beat the bacteria, make sure there is adequate blood supply to the area of the infection.

Boil is skin abscess

Boil is skin abscess

To do this, you need to keep the circulation going by using hot compress to the area to bring blood to it.

Immerse a washcloth in hot water, wring it out and place over the boil for 20 minutes, repeat as tolerated.

To help drain the pus, repeat the above but alternate it with cold compress for 10 minutes. To be repeated three times and the whole treatment done twice a day.

An herbal formula with Echinacea and goldenseal will help kill the bacteria in the boil. A tablespoon of tincture of both herbs three times a day is recommended until the boil is gone. Be wary of the taste though since it is very bitter.

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Do you know how to relieve from stye

stye eyelid bump

Stye also known as eyelid bump

Another one of those eye infection that is relatively common among all ages.

A stye is caused by bacterial infection on the eyelid in the oil secreting gland.

As they say, if you always have a stye, you have a Vitamin A deficiency, thus the primary natural remedy would be to increase intake of Vitamin A supplement and eat  rich vegetables and fruits.

Just like any other inflammation, it’s essential to keep a good hygiene to prevent contamination and further infection.

It is advised to apply a clean and warm cloth to the affected eye to compress and relieve the eye inflammation. Make sure that you do not prick the pus that is coming out of the infected eye.

Or instead of a washcloth, you may want to use a warm tea bag on the affected eye. This will increase the blood circulation to help in the healing process. It may hurt and irritate a little. Never expose yourself to direct sunlight and avoid dust.


What is Stye?

Better use a dark and big sunglasses to protect the healing eye from further harmful elements. Always wash your hands after handling the infected eye.

According to studies, the herb called goldenseal is very effective in curing eye infections like a stye. To use it as treatment, you may want to extract the yellow liquid and use it as an eyewash or an eyedropper. It has been known for its antibiotic and anti inflammatory properties.

Remember, it’s in the handling that makes the difference. If  your stye won’t resolve, it’s either you have a bad case of Vitamin A deficiency or you have a very poor hygiene.

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