What are the best remedies for hives?


This is a picture of a case of acute hives. Photo taken from A.D.A.M

If you have hive problem, you could have helped yourself  in the healing process by using natural alternatives like oil massage, cold water soak and even oatmeal bath.

A mixture of water and apple cider has also proven to be effective in relieving the itchiness and reducing the red raised bumps.

Since antihistamine drugs are not natural cures, it’s also important to determine what foods inhibit histamine release. One of which is parsley and carrots. Might be good to mix them together to create a ready to drink juice.

Also, since this is an allergic outbreak, try to avoid foods that trigger histamine release like eggs, tomatoes, shellfish or anything that you are allergic with.

Another known Urticaria relief is the primrose oil capsules, to be taken three times a day until the attack subsides. For physical causes of Urticaria, avoid tight fitting undergarments and clothes.

As much as possible, wear loose fitting and cotton made apparels to avoid friction against the skin when perspiring or moving. Urticaria attack is self limiting.

Meaning, they will disappear after awhile without any intervention. But it’s the unexpected episodes that make it disturbing and the emotional effects it causes to an individual because of the gross physical manifestations on the body, however self limiting it is.

Once the factors causing the hives are identified, try to avoid them. Observe your body and try to eat only foods that won’t trigger the attack. Do not panic and seek medical attention when natural remedies and anti histamines won’t relieve it.

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