Here Is Something We Should Know About Psoriasis and Natural Cures



Some medical practitioners will say that Psoriasis is incurable. Alternative doctors would say that there is a way to control or eliminate psoriasis. I say, while there is a flicker of hope, why not try the alternative method for psoriasis treatment?

When I read their study, it made sense to me. Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin characterized by constant scaling, itching and bleeding. Alternative medicine would tell us that we have to go deeper than skin deep.

The real cause of psoriasis according to them is the leaking of the toxins from the intestinal walls which have become thinner. The toxins runs havoc through the body systems excreting toxins through the largest organ of the body which is the skin.

Thus the scaling, bleeding and itching. So, in order to address this problem, psoriatic patients must make a major clean up with their digestive system and improve their diets.

For internal cleansing, water is the perennial advice by most alternative doctors. This is to help clear out the toxins out of your body by drinking more than 8 glasses a day. To stimulate bowel movements, stewed fruits are recommended like figs, apples, and raisins.


psoriasis illustration

To stimulate the internal organs by increasing circulation and blood oxygenation, exercise is recommended. A daily 30 to 40 minutes aerobics like walking, biking and swimming will be beneficial for this purpose.

To help moisturize the dry and scaly skin, castor oil is recommended. Or you may opt to mix one part olive oil and one part peanut oil for thinner lesions without further irritating them.

It is normal for the body to undergo a healing crisis when toxins are being excreted. This is the time when skin sheds off and there is intense itching. It is recommended that during this period, patients may take a warm bath with apple cider vinegar if the skin is not yet cracked from scratching.Add 1 cup rolled oats and cornstarch plus a pound of baking soda. This becomes an alkaline solution that’s good for soothing the nerve endings.

You see, there is always hope. For cases like this, it is important to share alternative cures to friends and associates who may be enduring the pain and the cost of medicines for ailments that are believed to be incurable by conventional medicine.

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Easy ways to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Naturally

People with hemorrhoids suffer silently. And who would want to openly complain about the pain due to inflamed veins on the rectum? A trip to the doctor for some rectal examination is not as easy as having your eyes and ears checked. There are number of causes for the veins around the rectum to bulge. One cause is the pressure when trying to move a constipated bowel. Some pregnant women also experience these painful rectal varicose due to the pressure caused by the enlarged uterus.



Hemorrhoids come in two types. Internal hemorrhoids are often painless. They are located inside the rectum and you only feel them when you see blood once you strain your bowel. The painful type is the external hemorrhoids which exacerbates during constipation and when sitting.

Surgery is one of the best options to get rid of these hemorrhoids forever. Is it necessary? Well, it depends on the size of the inflamed veins and the degree of discomfort it causes. If the pain is bearable and the inflammation is minimal, it is wise to determine the probable cause of the inflammation and deal with it the natural way.

Try to avoid constipation by adding fibers to your diet. Identify foods like vegetables, grains and wheat that increase the bulk and soften the stool to avoid straining while releasing the bowel. Adding fibers to ones intake has been consistently beneficial in preventing the painful episodes of the existing hemorrhoids.

Take fiber supplement that has been identified to reduce constipation. You can find these fiber supplements from health shops and drug stores. When the inflammation is in its acute stage, try to reduce the inflammation by washing with lukewarm water with a pinch of salt.

Washing the rectal area with cold water can be done in alternate with the lukewarm wash, to relieve the pain. After cleaning the inflamed rectum, apply some creams that could reduce inflammation. There are some topical creams made of natural witch hazel plant known to reduce itching, swelling and pain. They are sold in the form of creams and ointments.

Another natural remedy that is known to improve the patency of the weak veins is called butchers broom. It also contains anti inflammatory properties that makes it one of the best natural remedy for hemorrhoids. Horse chestnuts are also used for their anti inflammatory effects and improve blood circulation. Like the Butchers broom, Horse chestnuts as hemorrhoids remedy can be taken in capsule forms or prepared as tea.

Aloe Vera gel has also been known to provide significant improvement in the relief of hemorrhoids. To be taken three times a day as a drink, aloe vera gel has solved the pain problems caused by hemorrhoids. In as little as two weeks, considering all else is normal, one could forget about the pain on the “bottom” especially when sitting down.

Before taking any of these natural remedies, make sure to research on the contraindications. They must be taken with caution specially if with other drugs. These herbs are very potent and could be harmful if not taken properly.

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