How to apply natural method in whitening your teeth

White and sparkling teeth are one of the problem me are facing today. One of the asset of beauty is having a whiter teeth. There are may reasons why some me failed to maintain the health of their teeth.

Having white teeth can bring you confident smile

Having white teeth can bring you confident smile

There are various kinds of toothpaste in the market today. However, due to commercialized toothpaste, most of it is made from harmful chemicals and ingredients that can cause damage to your teeth and even gum bleeding.

Studies have shown that there is tooth paste that are made from natural ingredients or organic in nature that are healthy paste for your teeth and gums. Teeth whiteners from natural soda are gum friendly and prevent gum bleeding, as well.

Some commercial paste can irritate your gums and can cause a tingling sensation to your gums. Sodium chloride gargle is also a healthy practice not only cleaning your teeth but will also massage your gums. You can do manual massage to your gums to promote blood circulation to your gums.

Some are also applying charcoal dust instead of commercial toothpaste, this also an effective teeth whitener. These are all affordable and can be found in different commercial market in your place. Please stay tuned for more.

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