Here Are Natural Remedies for Migraine Relief

What is migraine?



I always suffer from migraine usually 2-4 times in a month. I had checked with my doctor a couple years ago but nothing wrong with my brain. But this problem is bothered me for several years already. You know, sometime it happens by the time I wake up in the morning.

What I learned that migraine is a moderate to severe type of pulsating pain usually experienced in one half of the head. The duration varies greatly ranging from 2 hours to 72 hours. It is caused by genetic factors i.e. factors that transfer from parents to their children, or some triggers like caffeine, too much light and noise.

The most common symptoms include severe headache, nausea, vomiting, photophobia (sensitivity to light), phonophobia (increased sensitivity to sound) and the pain usually aggravates with physical activities. Though it is very common brain disorder but several natural remedies for migraines are available.

What are natural remedies for migraines?



I have done some research on this topic. In general there are several natural remedies for migraines that may provide a long solution for the problem. These migraine relief  ways include:

  • Food stuff: Eating special food stuff is one of the most effective natural remedy for migraine. Such food stuff includes:
    • Vegetables: Use of different vegetables provides a natural remedy for migraine. Such vegetable include:
      • Grains like wheat, rice, barely and oat.
      • Ginger extracts are very useful in treating migraine. Use of ginger in hot water or tea can significantly suppress the headache.
      • Nuts including hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds and peanuts.
      • Seeds.
      • Legumes.
      • Green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and lettuce.
  • Meat products: Several meat and dairy products can provide an effective means to reduce the migraine headache. Such sources include:
    • Sea food including oysters and fish.
    • Meat and meat products rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
    •  Dairy products like yogurt.
  • Vitamins: Eating a diet rich in vitamins can be an effective migraine relief. These vitamins include:
    • Vitamin A, that is present in liver, carrot, spinach, egg, milk, broccoli and other green leafy vegetables.
    • Vitamin B, it is commonly found in liver, egg, meat products and sea food.
    • Vitamin E, that is most abundant in plant oils and green leafy vegetables.
  • Minerals: Several minerals also help in suppressing the migraine headache. These minerals include:
    • Calcium, it is present in milk and dairy products.
    • Magnesium, it is most abundant in cereals, beans, potatoes and almonds.
    • Potassium rich diet is also helpful. Such diet includes beans, fish, yogurt, apricots and bananas.
  • Life style changes: Simple life style changes can prove to be extremely effective and natural remedies for migraine. These changes include:
    • Regular exercise is the most important natural remedy for migraine. Exercises can both be mental and physical.
    • Avoid unnecessary stressStress aggravates migraine headache.
    • You should have good eating habits. The quantity and quality of food must be good.
    • Adequate sleep is one of the most important ways to treat migraine.
    • Always try to think positive.
    • Try some relaxation techniques like yoga, deep breath and progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) techniques.
    • Add humor to your life.
    • Develop good social ties.
  • Herbal treatments: Herbal treatments provide another natural remedy for migraines. It involves use of herbs like:
    • Butterbur
    • Feverfew
    • Willow bark
    • Herbal tea containing lemon balm, peppermint, vervain
    • Lavender
    • Jamaican dogwood
    • Cinnamon
    • Periwinkle
    • 5-HTP supplements
    • Riboflavin supplements
  • Hot water Treatment:  Whenever I have migraine or headaches, I will try not to take any headache pain reliever whenever possible. In fact, what I do is take a hot shower. If taking hot shower is not possible. For example in the office, I go to restroom, fill in the basin with hot water.Immerse my both hands into a hot water for 5 minutes (up to the limit where your hand can stand with the temperature). You will gradually feel that the pain reliefs.  These method can help me to relief migraine pain in my head. Well…at least it works for me.  If you have migraine next time, you can try this method as well.  Let me know if it works for you or not.
Migraine Cure Food

Migraine Cure Food

Things to avoid during migraine:

There are several things that must be strictly avoided during migraine headache.

  • Several food stuffs must be avoided during headache. Such food stuff include:
    • Cheese
    • Chocolate
    • Caffeine
    • Aspartame
    • Red wine
    • Beer
    • Glutamate containing food
    • Tyramine containing food
    • Nitrates and nitrites containing food
    • Citrus fruits and juices
    • Potatoes
    • Bread 
  • Different habits must be avoided. The home remedies for migraine include abstinence from habits like:
    • Avoid exposure to excessive lights.
    • Avoid exposure to noise and loud music.
    • Avoid smoking.
    • Avoid any activity that might induce depression.
    • Do not skip meals.
    • Do not eat too much in one meal.
    • Eat frequently at regular intervals.
    • Avoid too much use of mobile, TV or computer.
    • Avoid dehydration.
    • Avoid the use of drugs.
    • Avoid use of medications without proper prescription.
    • Avoid the intake of spicy food.
    • Make a definite “go to bed” and “get up” time.
    • Try not to stay up late at night.

Let me know what do you think. If you have better tips to relief migraine or headache, please share them with my readers. 

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Want to Fast Effective Drug Free Relief for Headarches



Biggest headache of all? The notion that it’s psychological in origin. The biggest and most reliable cause of headache is biological in origin. The hormone serotonin is deficient in most headaches and the deficiency therefore alters the normal physiology of the brain blood vessels, pain receptors and other elements to produce headache. There are two most common forms of headache called migraines (throbbing pain on one side of the brain) and tension headache (throbbing forehead, dull pain and a sensation of being squeezed or pressed). There are also certain types of foods that triggers headache so it’s important that you watch what you eat.

Of course, people will always succumb to pain killers when headache strikes. It does remove the pain but unfortunately for a while and worst, patients who often take these meds develop sensitivity and tolerance to the drugs that causing them to need more of the drug until the pain is removed.

It has been mentioned that serotonin deficiency is one of the major cause of headache and to help stabilize serotonin level, always take a supplement of Vitamin B complex at least 50 milligrams a day for chronic headache sufferers.  There is also this herb called feverfew which apparently reduces frequency of migraines.


Feverfew can be found in garden

It acts like aspirin. If you are a person who fights over a deadline of one kind or another, irritable and critical, then you are suffering from “Pitta” headaches according to Ayurvedic medicine. Aloe is recommended for cooling this kind of headache for at least two tablespoons twice a day.A “Vata” headache or the kind that is suffered by people whose mind races with new things but never finish and have irregular habits can be relived by the grounding ginger herb. Put one teaspoon of grated fresh ginger in 15 to 24 ounce hot water to be used a drink throughout the day.The above mentioned alternative medicines are only to be used when there is no underlying pathological cause of headaches. Make sure you still see a doctor if the symptoms persist. Otherwise, you can still be pain free by making sure you live healthy, happily and stress won’t govern you.

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