Simple Home Remedies for Cough


Coughing treatment

Cough can be productive or non- productive. This disease is due to congestion and bronchitis or infection in the bronchi-oles of the patient. Common symptoms of cough are the following: pain in the chest and even on the back, difficulty in breathing especially when there is hoarseness, fever due to infection, chilling or headache.

Here are some home remedies for cough. These simple remedies also can be used  to ease the pain in the chest or congestion:

  1. Application of moist heat with the use of a cloth and apply it on the back and chest of the patient. This will relieve chest pain, discomfort during coughing and facilitates easy breathing.
  2. Steam inhalation is an effective water treatment thus relieving inflammation and congestion of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract. This will also promotes relaxation of the muscles and prevents dryness of the mucous membranes.

If you can get these herbal easily, you can use these methods for cough treatment :

  1. Application of Five-leaved Chaste tree. Chop 4-6 tablespoons of dried leaves in two glasses of water for 15 minutes. Let it cool for a while and the dosage will be, 2 tablespoons, 3 times a day until cough will be treated.
  2. Application of Coronitas leaves and flowers by boiling 1 cup of chopped fresh leaves and flowers in 2 glasses of water for 15 minutes. The dosage will be 2 tablespoons, every 4 hours, until cough will be relieve.

If you have a severe cough which last for several days, you should not use these home remedies solution. You should consult with your doctor for further medical  attention.

I hope these little tips can help everyone.  Make sure you get more articles at my site Natural Health Care Reviews

How to free yourself from nasty cough

Everything you need is in your pantry or in your backyard. For simple cough, the kitchen is the best pharmacy. Specially now that prices of medicines are constantly going up.

Not to mention the unknown allergies that you may encounter when using commercial cough syrups  which often cause dizziness and sleepiness. If you are like me who prefers natural over synthetic, then read on.

Garlic can help to relief coughing. Have you try it yet?

Garlic can help to relief coughing. Have you try it yet?

The unbeatable garlic clove is once again on the limelight. It has many healing factors useful to man and one of that is for cough relief.

If you can stand smelling of garlic every time you breath then you are on your way to great health, away from the hazard of commercial medicines.

To prepare, boil a head of garlic, peeled and crushed, in 3 cups water. To sweeten the mixture, add a tablespoon of honey. If you don’t have one, you may use the stevia leaves which acts as natural sweetener. Let it cool and drink like tea.One home practice that my mother use for developing cough and even sore throat is lemonade. But this is interesting because its not simply mixed in water and sugar and to be taken immediately. Its pure squeezed lemon in lukewarm water left overnight outside the house!

I don’t know why it must be left outside but it seems to work for my father. Anyway, lemon in itself is a powerful ingredient to soothe sore throat and irritating cough. When combined with honey, with its bee pollen and propolis, it becomes a potent medicine for cough.

Remember, when it comes to cough, there are a lot of useful medicines in your cupboard or in your backyard. Think twice before going to the pharmacy.

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