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1) Very Important brain healthy Pregnant Diet. If you are going to pregnant, I suggest you to read it. This article gives  you an general idea about pregnancy diet that you should take.

2) Discover More Ways to Deal with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. It is an nice article that focus on inflammation bowel disease.

3) Find Out How You Can Ward Off Kidney Stones Naturally. If you have kidney stone problem, there is some natural remedies that you can try. The articles tells everything.

4) How easy to control incontinence without drugs. If you have incontinence issue, read this article to find out more.



Very Important brain Healthy Pregnancy Diet You Have to Know

Pregnant women

Pregnant women should take fresh and healthy natural food everyday

A lot of first time pregnant women do not know what to eat during pregnancy period. They do not carefully select the right food for themselves.

You see,  healthy pregnancy diet is very critical because what a pregnant woman eats directly affects the brain development of her child. A healthy, balanced brain healthy pregnancy diet is the best gift a mother can give to her child.

A well nourished mother ensures the health of her baby. Following a proper diet plan does not mean you have to eat for two. Instead you have to be more selective in what to eat and what to skip. So that you have enough pregnant nutrition.

The brain of both mother and her child undergoes astonishing changes during pregnancy. Brain of the female has to manage all the changes taking place in her body. The brain of child also undergoes complete development during this stage. A brain healthy pregnancy diet must include:

  • Organic group
  • Mineral group
  • Vitamin group

 Organic group

The organic group of healthy pregnancy diet must include pregnant nutrition:

  • Milk: Milk is a complete diet in itself. A healthy pregnancy diet must contain properly pasteurized milk. Milk contains calcium that is necessary for the functioning of brain both in mother and her child. A cup full of milk can provide an extra of 8.2 gm of proteins that are necessary for the development of brain tissues.
  • Vegetables: A  healthy pregnancy diet must be rich in vegetables containing enough proteins, carbohydrates, essential fats and fibers. Vegetables like green leafy vegetables, potatoes, peas, beans etc. Usage of improperly washed and treated vegetables should be avoided.
  • Fruits:The fruit group should include fruits like mangoes, papaya, apricot, orange, peach, apricot, dates etc that are rich in nutrients like folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin A etc. Fruits must be washed well before use.
  • Egg: Egg is a versatile source of several vital components of healthy pregnancy diet like proteins, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. But consumption of raw eggs should be avoided.
  • Meat and liver: Meat and liver is an important source of amino acids, vitamins, iron and essential omega-3 fatty acid. All these nutrients are essential for normal brain function. Use of fried meat should be avoided.


diet plan pyramid

Proposed diet plan for pregnancy women

Inorganic group.

Inorganic group of healthy pregnancy diet includes minerals like:

  • Calcium: Calcium during pregnancy is required for proper functioning of brain both in mother and her child. Calcium rich diet includes yogurt, spinach, turnip, soya bean, milk, fortified orange juice.
  • Iron: Iron is used for production of new blood cell in pregnant females. Deficiency of which can cause “anemia” and impaired brain function. The important sources of iron include liver, chicken, beef, oyster, spinach, green leafy vegetables, beans and grains.
  • Phosphorus: Phosphorus is required for the activation of enzymes in brain, production of energy currency in body (ATP), deposit of bone. Rich sources of phosphorus include cheese, nuts, organ meat, and milk.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium is required for the activation of enzymes in brain. Food stuff like cereals, beans, potatoes, almond and cheese is rich in magnesium.
  • Iodine: The normal function of “thyroid gland” depends on the supply of iodine. Normal “thyroid hormone” levels are essential for proper working of brain. It is rich in sea food and iodinated salt.

Vitamin group.

Vitamins are important component of rich pregnancy diet:

  • Folic acid: Normal development of brain in child depends on folic acid in mother’s diet. Deficiency of folic acid can cause “neural tube defects”. Diet like beans, seeds, cauliflower, leafy vegetables is rich in folic acid.
  • Vitamin D: Egg, fish oil, liver, meat and milk is rich source of vitamin D. It is necessary for maintaining normal levels of calcium and in terms maintaining the normal brain activity.
  • Vitamin B: Brain development depends on vitamin B complex. It is present in diet like egg, liver, meat and dairy products.
  • Vitamin K: Blood clotting essentially requires vitamin K. Its deficiency increases the chances of “brain hemorrhage”. Green leafy vegetables are rich source.


fresh vegetables

Fresh vegetable and fruits contains a lot important vitamins.

Diet to avoid during pregnancy:

Following things should be ruled out in pregnancy diet:

  • Raw meat
  • Fish of polluted water
  • Charcoal broiled meat
  • Raw egg
  • Soft and blue cheese
  • Unpasteurized milk
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Unwashed vegetables and fruits
  • Misuse of medicines

Proper and adequate intakes of mineral and vitamins are important for women during pregnancy. Eat healthy for pregnancy!

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