Garlic Benefits: What Can I Get From It

Garlic can help to heal vaginitis


What do you know about garlic? We all know that it is used as a spice. But, anything else?

This kind of (taste) spices or vegetables like garlic and onion are very beneficial in most cases. Cancer researchers say that regular taking garlic and onion can prevent prostate cancer.

They claimed that those people who takes 10 grams of onion or garlic everyday they have fifty percent less chance to get attacked by prostate cancer  than those who are eat garlic or onion daily 2 grams.

Whoever eat 2 grams everyday they can fulfill 10 grams by taking 1 tea spoon of grated garlic or onion. Most of the medical researchers do not  emphasize that cooked garlic or onion is less effective.

Garlic prevents our body from attacked by bacteria or fungus. It also help to reduce cholesterol of blood and also reduces the percentage of getting cancers too.

Doctors say that heart problem patients who are taking garlic every day, they get well soon after any heart surgery. Please be advised that taking raw garlic directly is more more effective than any garlic pills.

If you think you cannot tolerate raw garlic spell and taste, you can try mellowing the garlic with honey a couple days ahead before eating. Perhaps you will accept its taste.

I believe we all want a healthy body and happy life. We also want our heart free from any disease. Thus, I would suggest if you have heart disease, I encourage you to eat garlic everyday with your meal or separately. At least it is good for your health.

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