Listen! You Do Not Have to Go Under Knife to be Free From Plantar Warts

Plantar Warts

Plantar Warts

Plantar warts like devilish problem that is not easy to exorcise. It’s like a possession that is formed by a virus under your foot that is so spooky.

It could invade your genes to produce more virus and forces your body to supply the area with blood vessels and nerves.

The result? A wart that may be a small as a pinhead or as large as a quarter coin. It can live alone or in groups under your foot  and has blood vessels and can make walking extremely painful.

If surgery is not under your favorite list of treatment then you may consider the following.



Garlic is very effective to kill bacteria.

The powerful garlic does it again! Who knows that this humble spice can destroy the devil under your foot? It can literally get rid of the wart in a week or so. Just mash a clove of garlic into a pulp and before going to bed, put it directly over the wart with an adhesive. Remove it in the morning and wash the area clean. Do this for the next ten days and the wart should shrink.

To help strengthen your immunity (since this is a viral possession), take your daily dose of Vitamin C at 1,000 mg. Or you may take the herb astragalus from health shops as this herb is also known to strengthen immunity and get rids plantar warts.

And whatever you do, do not remove the plantar wart yourself by burning it or by scraping it. Let the podiatrist look at it or you may opt the above painless alternative solutions.

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What everybody should know about warts


Warts can be contagious and need to cure immediately

Warts can be contagious and need to cure immediately

These unsightly overgrowths of flesh specially along our necklines never seems to completely go away! Actually, there are a lot of warts that could grow in any parts of our body and no kind would serve us some good. They have to be removed.

What I am specially concerned here are those that can be found easily, like along our face and necks.

Imagine growing a virus on your face? Sadly, the best treatment would be surgery. Usually, the dermatologists will remove them by cauterization or by means of burning them.

If we go natural again here, some head of garlic that will be rubbed against the wart could be effective but it will take time. Another is the famous gentian violet that can be purchased as an over the counter drug.

This solution will be applied also on the wart. It contains the herb gentian that could potentially kill viruses. Always consult a physician though because there are warts that are potentially dangerous when removed by any means others than surgery since most of them bleeds easily.

Always be on the lookout of these ugly growths of viruses that makes your skin its own backyard source of nutrients. When you look on the mirror and your warty face stares back, its time to see a doctor.

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