Do Not Forget to Use Aloe Vera for Minor Burning Treatment


The degree level of Burn wound

If you are very unfortunate you get burn, here are some quick burn remedies that you can use to relief the pain. Burn is a skin and flesh injury resulting from application or direct contact of heat, radiation, any friction and electricity.

There are different levels or degrees of burn and signs of each degree and which degree can be treated with organic substance.

First degree burns and its organic remedy:

  • There is you can see redness in the area of burn.
  • There is  just a slight tingling sensation because of the direct contact with your skin.

Organic Remedy:

  • Wash the leaves of the Aloe Vera and pound it to extract the juice.
  • Right after the burn, you can apply Aloe Vera juice directly from the leaves as a soothing effect on the burn.

Second Degree Burn and its organic remedy:

  • There is redness of the burned area with small blisters because the deeper tissues of the skin were affected.
  • There is pain and a hot sensation because of the burn.
  • Most of these kind of burn is due to direct contact of the flame or any chemicals that can cause burns to your skin.

Organic Remedy:

  • Wash the burned skin with clean water and let it dry for a while.
  • When there are no bursting of the blisters, you can also apply Aloe Vera juice to the burned skin.
  • You can also apply Annatto by boiling 10-15 clean leaves for 5 minutes and let it cool. Soak the burn skin for 10 minutes only and apply it once a day.

The higher levels of burns especially in the scrotum area, needs immediate medical attention to prevent infection.

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