2 Simple Natural Remedies for Toothache

Do you have toothache?

Do you have toothache?

Everyone in their lifetime has experienced toothache. Mostly because of tooth decay or gum infection or what have you. Whatever the reason is, you have to see a dentist.

There is no other way to cure the cause of tooth ache than to see the professionals. In the meantime, while you have not yet propped yourself up on the deal chair or you have not the courage to see him yet, why not try these pain relief cures that may be good for you.

Choose the right homeopathic remedy for you. I have read in one of the books that there are available homeopathic cures depending on the type of toothache and the cause.

If your toothache is worse at night, try to dissolve one tablet homeopathic Arnica under your tongue every 15 minutes. But if your teeth sensitive to with hot liquids, what you can try is take Chamomilla 30X and put it under your tongue as needed until the sensitivity decreases. You can buy these at your local food health store.

If your teeth more sensitive to cold, use 6x potency of Plantago. Major dissolving one tablet under your tongue until the pain goes away.

You may wonder what other natural remedies for toothache ? 

Activated charcoal can also help draw out the toxins in tooth decay, which is causing the tooth ache. To make a paste, mix enough water in activated charcoal and place some of the paste on a small piece of gauze.


Garlic is very effective to relief tooth ache.

Put on the affected tooth and bite on it so that the charcoal can coat the tooth. After 5 minutes remove the gauze and excess paste and then rinse your mouth with water. Use this natural remedy three to four times a day as needed.

Or you may want to try this childhood remedy that we have which is putting a clove of garlic on the cavity to ease the toothache. This is not very comfortable though but it works, just as you don’t mind smelling garlic breath.

Let me know know if these tips work for you. For more other health articles, please go to myHealthcareReviews.com 

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