Discover Health Threatened of Lung Cancer: Remedy or Natural Medication

Lung cancer is a serious disease that when left unattended, this will cause death. In an early stage of lung cancer, the signs and symptoms are just commonly seen by people who are sick with common colds. There will be a non stop cough and hoarseness of voice.You will experience shortness of breath, body weakness and body malaise and lose weight.

lung cancer prevention

lung cancer prevention

No matter what,  if you are constantly coughing or if you feel something unsual, you should pay more attention on the lung condition. I know there are some natural or organic medication to relieve cough and even some early signs, prevention to a serious disease in the future.

You can hot compress on the chest and back twice a day, every morning and before bedtime. You can ask someone to help you, perhaps your spouse.
Steam inhalation with Pepper Mint leaves boiled and use it for your stem inhalation. Do this four time a day.

Another proven Herbal Medications are :

  1. Five-Leaved Chaste tree is a proven herbal plant that help to alleviate cough and common colds by boiling 4 leaves of the tree, dried and chopped and boil  with two glass of water for 15 minutes.
  2. Application of Indian Chrysanthemum, just chop 1 cup dries leaves and flowers and boil it with one cup water for 15 minutes. Drink 1 cup every 4 hour to relieve pain in the chest and promotes easy breathing and alleviates cough.

You can find my article I wrote Simple Home Remedies For Cough. Hope you find this little tips useful. To read more my other tips, please visit my website.


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