Discover More Ways to Deal with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory bowel disease

Inflammatory bowel disease

Inflammatory bowel disease must not be taken for granted. It’s more serious than it sounds but there are many ways to deal with it other than purely drugs alone.

It includes two conditions called Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative colitis. Both have problems in the small intestines where it becomes inflamed and irritated. Supposedly, our small intestines would have a smooth and pink lining inside the mucosal.

Conventional treatment would be to prescribed anti inflammatory drugs if there is a serious episode of the disease until eventually the patient becomes immuned and would no longer respond to treatment.

That’s why, naturopathic doctors would recommend natural means  to avoid serious side effects of drugs. But it must be done with supervision also of the doctor.

Here are some of the ways.

For serious flare ups, eating a liquid diet is very helpful. It is recommended that the patient go for liquid diet of herbal tea, broth (fish, chicken or meat) and fresh vegetable juices.

inflammation bowel disease

An illustration of how inflammation bowel disease looks like

The body will absorb the nutrients without the extra work of the now inflamed small intestine to digest.

And since the body will have difficulty in the absorption of nutrients, it is also recommended that the patient take more vitamins and minerals to prevent malnutrition.

Vitamin A will help in the regeneration of the lining of the gut as well as Folic Acid. Essentially most of the Vitamins and Minerals must be supplemented.

It’s been said also that Inflammatory Bowel Disease release a lot of free radicals. That’s why, Vitamin E is essential to help neutralize and help minimize the damage.

If we speak about herbs, there are some uniquely named remedy that are thought to reduce inflammation in the intestine. They are called Turmeric and Boswellia.

They are found as main ingredient in some of the supplements from health shops or online store.

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Inflammatory bowel disease

Difference between Inflammatory bowel disease type


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