Discover Practical Remedies for Bell’s Palsy

Don’t be afraid when you  wake up in the morning and your face shifts to the other side. Don’t panic as this might not be stroke. Unless you have a major tendency to experience such.

But if none, it may only be caused by the inflammation of the facial nerve which  fortunately is only temporary. It may only be vanity scare but really it will scare the heck out of you when you can’t control your facial expressions.

Bell's palsy

Bell’s palsy

It has been said that people with suppressed immune system like pregnant women are more susceptible to this viral infection. And so are the people who are stressed out.

Much have been discussed already with practical ways to be stress free and there are a lot of natural ways to do that.

Get enough sleep, rest, eat healthy, exercise and avoid the bad stuff like alcohol and cigarettes.

For herbal remedies, it’s advised to use licorice root, ginger and turmeric for its anti inflammatory effect.

Boost up on Vitamins and Minerals to improve the immune system and avoid too much exposure to cold. When travelling in open air, make sure to cover your face as too much cold will promote paralysis of the facial nerve.

If you have already acquired it, better consult the physical therapy department. They have a lot of natural ways to correct Bell’s palsy and have been found to be effective.

One of which is the use of infra red rays. While lying, cover the unaffected side of the face, and position the IR lamp on the affected side. Expose that side of the face for at lest 10 minutes.

An electrical stimulator is also used to pinpoint the facial nerve location and stimulate it to help the muscles move. Lastly, a short facial massage, emphasizing on the muscles supplied by the facial nerve will be very helpful.

If have encountered this problem, please tell our readers how you deal with that. For more articles, please visit Natural Health Care Reviews

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