Do You Know What Are The Best Sleeping Positions

Sleeping positions

Sleeping positions

One’s sleeping position greatly affects sleep quality. It can make you feel thoroughly rested or utterly unwell when you wake up in the morning. Here are two of the best sleeping positions which you can try to get definite restful sleep.

  • Sleeping on your back

I think sleep on your back is probably the most common and one of the best sleeping positions ever. Experts explains that  it decreases the chances of waking up in the morning with the neck and back pains. They  also said to help minimizing wrinkles and reducing acid reflux problem. It can be very beneficial to people who take good care of their skin because the face does not come in contact with pillows or other beddings.

  • Sleeping on your side

On the other hand, sleep on your side is very ideal most especially for pregnant women. Pregnant women have troubles trying to sleep on their backs as the tummy usually gets heavy (most especially in the later months of pregnancy). It is recommended that they sleep on their left side to increase blood flow. Sleeping on your side is also quite ideal for people who snore. Doing so will reduce the occurrence of snoring.

  • Sleeping on your stomach

Just as there are a good sleeping positions, this is also a not  recommended sleep position. Most of the doctors and health experts agree that sleeping on your stomach is not ideal position. Doing so will lead to problems like nerve irritation, back pain and numbing and tingling sensations. Sleeping on your stomach also prompts you to turn your head to the side causing neck pain when you wake up in the morning.

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