Do You Recognize Meditation Can Beat Insomnia

Insomnia can cause serious health problem

Insomnia can cause serious health problem

Sleeping pills are the instant relief for lack of sleep of course. But some insomnia specialists consider sleeping pills to be over prescribed because they don’t actually address the cause of insomnia. Although, there are short term insomnia that can be addressed by sleeping pills.

There are however alternative self help methods that help cure insomnia. So, if you or a friend is suffering from sleepless nights, below are some of the tips to have a good nights’ sleep, naturally.

Try putting stress to sleep. Stress is a major factor for insomnia that hit you. Though it’s everywhere, just try to manage it by the technique called relaxation response. Find a quiet place where you could lie or sit comfortably.

Focus your attention to each body part while breathing normally. Feel the relaxation spreading from your feet, thighs, stomach, chest, hands, neck, shoulder and head. As you do this, there might be a feeling of warmth inside you. Take a few moments to concentrate on how each body part is relaxed.

Tips to beat Insomnia

Other tips to beat Insomnia

Before bedtime, it is also recommended to take a high-carbohydrate snack such as bread, or crackers to increase the brain chemical promoting sleep called serotonin.

Did you also know that sunlight has a major effect in regulating melatonin, a brain chemical that controls body temperature?

Too little exposure to sunlight can cause insomnia since normal rhythms in body temperature can create normal sleep. If there is difficulty falling asleep, an early morning sun is all you need.

Open the drapes upon awakening and avoid dark sunglasses in the morning. But if you wake up early in the morning, you need more of the late day sunlight.

Take a late afternoon walk or sit near a sun exposed window an hour before sunset and leave the drapes open until dark.

Interesting huh? So, before you pop up those potentially addictive sleeping pills to help you doze off, try the natural remedies first.

Let me know if these method works for you or not. Share your experience with my readers. Read more articles from my website Natural Health Care Reviews

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