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To apply what I have learnt in the Marketing with Social Media class, I starts to organize my strategy and technique that I have learnt from Prof. Belew.  He requested us to post at least 3 post on our website ideally every day and we should done it continuously for 3-4 months before we can see some results that we are seeking of.

He said that we should started posting our website in between 200-250 words length. This is the best length of the articles for search engine optimization. Too long may not really help.

Blogging is the king

Blogging is the king

Perhaps this is the most writing that I have ever done in my life after I finish this class with Prof. Belew.

I believe it can be quite chanllenging task than need to be done it constantly becauese I needs some strong determination and commitment. If I cannot keep the momentum, I will fail in this class. Period.

And if before I start blogging, I should ask Prof. Belew these question before I start  started business blogging

I asked some of my classmate about their opinion, they agree with me.

In the next few days, I will start to write some short articles on the the health related topic. The topic will be varies. I hope I can write as much as possible. I welcome anyone to give me feedback.


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