Here is Another Natural Remedy for Arthritis

Arthritis illustration

Arthritis illustration

I decided to write more on remedies on arthritis topic.  As you may know it is a kind of disorder affecting the small joints of the extremities. It is mostly characterized by pain in the extremities especially early in the morning.

Some people used to take medicines for arthritis for temporary relief. However, because of too much intake of medicines, it can create complications to some organs in the body.

There are common treatments that were proven effective in some and simple degree of arthritis, such as:

  • Application of fomentation by removing of the patient’s clothing and cover him with a blanket or any sheet. Prepare a basin filled with ice water and start the compress just at the bedside.
  • You must close the windows of the room to prevent  drafts. Cover the area suffering from pain with a bath towel. Place a dry towel over the affected area then applying a hot towel over the dry towel on the affected side. Change the fomentation every five minutes.
  • Let the patient rest after the treatment.
  • You can apply Turmeric or Round Turmeric by chopping or crushing a rhizome and mix it with oil and apply on the poultice of Turmeric on the joints overnight.
  • Another organic plant is Pepper Mint herbal & medicinal plant effective for arthritis. Just boil 4-5 tablespoon of dried leaves of Pepper Mint in a 2 cups of water for 10-15 minutes. Drink ½ glass every four hours.

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