How Many Calories In A Banana

We have already got this earth with lots and lots of gifts from our almighty. But we don’t know that what they are containing for us. Now, I am going talk about banana.

Banana fruit

banana fruit

How many calories in a banana? The answer can be found in below facts. In addition, banana is a fruit that is full of nutrition. Let’s find out about it:

  • It contains protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals.
  • In banana, it contains carbohydrate, a little bit protein, a little amount of minerals and enough fibers. In minerals, there are potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron.
  • There are vitamin A, vitamin B and a little amount of vitamin C.
  • A 7 inches of banana can supply 100 calories of energy.
  • Its carbohydrate is very easy to digest, so it gets digested fast and reduces tiredness.
  • It also helps in digestion process.
  • Who always suffers from acidity or gastric ulcer, they can take banana for their good.
  • Ripen banana reduces the inflammation of ulcer.
  • If you are having inflammation in chest due to acidity then it can be reduced by eating banana.
  • Banana reduces harness of stool and also good for diarrhea.
  • As it helps to create hemoglobin in blood, it is very beneficial for anemia.
  • Lastly, it helps to reduce high blood pressure and prevents stroke.

How many of you did really know about these entire things about banana? I hope, this information is going to help you.

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