How Michael Jordan get rid of his acne


Acne problem is easy to cure

Acne problem is easy to cure

What is an acne? It is a disorder of the skin where you can see pustules forming and eruption of the skin due to abscess. How to treat acne formation in men? There are natural remedies for acne treatment.

  • When washing your face, use a clean soft cloth to prevent irritation. Wash it with a clean water or best to use a luke warm water to let the pores of the skin opened.
  • Do not use facial soap to avoid drying of the skin.
  • If scaly skin appears on your face, avoid peeling it off to prevent wounds and irritation.
  • Avoid applying lemon juice on your face to avoid irritation. Lemon juice is only applicable in skin pigments without acne formation.
  • Cucumber can be applied to soothe the skin and refresh it.
  • Avoid too much exposure to sunlight that can cause dryness of the skin.
  • Avoid application of facial products that will aggravate the condition of your acne and can cause sensitivity to your skin.
  • Healthy diet that are rich in vegetables and fruits.
  • Avoid oily foods, salty food, and foods that provoke allergies such as, crabs, shrimps, squid, salty dried food, etc.
  • Avoid sweet foods that will also cause itchiness to your skin.
  • Drink plenty of water for fast excretion of waste through your sweet glands.

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