How to beat constipation in a soft way

There always a better and “soft” way to solve some of nature’s personal problems. Having to go the CR doesn’t have to be “hard”. I know that most of us have experienced constipation.

bowel movements

Eat fiber enriched food can help to prevent constipation

And well, like me, people have also succumbed to artificial or I call it the “hard” way to free ourselves from this pending anal pressure right away. Once in my school life, I have regarded laxatives as one my best friends. They make my life easy and “pressure” free.

Until I noticed that I have developed tolerance on them. It’s like addiction that I can’t resist. I slowly minimized taking them and like friends parting away, it was hard the first time, until I discovered some means to deal with comfort room anguish, the natural way.

Water.  Yes, we all know since first grade that water is very important to rid ourselves from the accumulated toxins and well, to be free from constipation.  But who drinks more than 8 glasses a day? I seldom do.

That’s why its not one of my favorite solution. Although, I twisted the logic a little and instead, took hot water with citrus peel and sometimes lemon juice on it. Took  it early in the morning and voila! Instant trip to the CR!

Well, I also ate fiber rich food from bread, fruits and vegetables. Also discovered the wonders of psyllium fiber. There are packs available in the market that contains a pure and concentrated amount of fiber. Just add in water and take it like a cocktail. This is not also one of my favorites though.

There is also this interesting herb that helps rejuvenate the digestive tract. It’s called the Triphala. According to research, it helps, rejuvenate the digestive tract. It’s recommended to take two 1,000 milligram tablet 3x a day at night with warm tea.

My most favorite remedy would be exercise. Hard to believe? Try it and you will see. It will not only make you feel more energized, it will also normalize everything that should be normal with life. Like having a good nights sleep, more energy during the day and of course better bowel movement.

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  1. Rui Zheng says

    I have hermorroid do I have to do a surgery?


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