How to take care of Gangrene Foot?


Gangrene foot

Gangrene foot usually caused by diabetes

Gangrene foot is one of the major problem with people having diabetes illnesses due poor blood flow in the lower extremities. However, this problem can be prevented with just simple and little known ways in caring your feet.

Advanced diabetes illness can be prevented in most of the major cases by educating the patient and the families involved.

They must undergo a continuing education regarding diabetes disease, on how to take care of the patient, familiar with the signs and symptoms, prevention of severe, awareness of the food or the diet of the patient that can provoke the disease to become severe.

Assess the patient or what kind or type of diabetes he has for proper care and action. Simple caring of the foot will be taught and demonstrated for proper application.

General check up for the patient is a must to know some occurring imbalances or any problem in the system that can aggravate the disease. There are natural ways that are applied mostly in the rural areas, that are proven effective in the progress of the disease.

Frequent drinking of water that will eliminate toxic waste in the body, daily exercise is also a must for people with diabetes. Avoid eating too much sweets that can aggravate the disease, and proper diet, as well.

Let your physician ad dietitian assess for your proper care and food dietary allowance needed.

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