If You have Hemorrhoid. Now What?

Hemorrhoids is a common problem in an older stage in men. However, this is also common in some especially during pregnancy period. What are the causes of hemorrhoids?

Internal hemorrhoid

Internal hemorrhoid

Most and the common cause of hemorrhoids is a constant pressure in the anal area. Men usually suffer of this kind of problem because they used to carry heavy loads than women do. The pressure of the weight they are carrying can bring a push to the anal area.

How can this hemorrhoids be lessened or can be minimize. During work time, me must wear a supporter to prevent weight of pushing toward the anal area.

If hemorrhoids is really palpable and visible, do a hot sitz bath twice a day. There are herbal leaves that were proven effective and has been used for decoction during hot sitz bath.

The most common leaves are the Camias, also known as star fruits leaves and Patola leaves. Just chop the leaves and boil it for few minutes and strain it and this will be use for decoction during hot sitz bath.

For oil mixture, you can use bitter melon roots and seeds by chopping it and extract the juice and mix with an oil. Apply it to the hemorrhoids using a cotton after doing the hot sitz bath. This is a less expensive method yet effective and very organic.

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