Learning Marketing with Social Marketing Class in San Jose

Learning Marketing with Social Media in San Jose

Learning Marketing with King of Social Media

After created my this myhealthcarereviews.com site awhile ago, due to busy life, I haven’t been continuosly updated the site for some quite some. After some months of doing this, I realize that my traffic to the website is very low and sometimes I realized that there were no traffic at all.I am trying to figure out how to really improve my website’s traffic. I understand no traffic means no business.Due to to great opportunity, I am able to attend Prof. Bill Belew’s Marketing with Social Media Marketing class billbelew.com . In this class, Professor has demonstrate the ability to create well traffic website by writing blogs. He emphasized that King of Social Media is by blogging.

He taught me how to effectively writing blogs by applying 10 essential SEO basic technique.These are the 10 SEO Basic strategy.

  1. Tagline in the website with no adverbs, conjunction,  adjective,
  2. Title that being used in posts with less than 60 characters
  3. Keywords density in about 2-3 percents of the blog length
  4. Must be in original and unique posts
  5. Apply images or photos in the blog
  6. Authority
  7. Internal Links in within pages
  8. External Links from outside ie. Facebook, Twitter
  9. Timely
  10. Timeless

According to Professor, in order to succeed in the generating traffic to my website, a fews thing that we need to self-adjust before I start writing about a topic. Write something that I am passion on or something that I will no feel bore down the road. Just keep doing by what I have been doing and do not stop for the first couple months.

I hope by after a fews months learning from him,  I will have some consistant traffic coming to my website. Also , If you want to learn how to promote your blog, you can visit Prof. Belew site.




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